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Good Morning Crafters!

I am a new member! I am a soap maker and have a question for those of you who are seasoned in crafts that are scented! How do you pick which scents to bring?! Are the specific bases that I should carry since I create Goats Milk or Shea Butter bars. I have about a dozen made up currently and plan on making a few of the favorites, ie. Lavender, vanilla, etc. I want a variety but I also want to reach many customers in providing different scents. I also create soap with exfoliates such as oatmeal, coffee, sugar, or pink Himalayan salt.

Any ideas on if I should stick to simple favorites or provide more variety? Do I create favorites with each exfoliate? HELP me please!!

AkersAcresCo. Soap is our website!

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You may wish to search out the soapmakers groups on Facebook. They are very active, a lot of my friends who exhibit their handmade soaps belong to them. You may get "more" there where it's people doing similar if you don't get much here.

  • Bring your best sellers, and go from there.

Are you just getting started with selling? It is a learn as you go process, and best wishes!

I've posted a poll in a Facebook soap group. Thank you for that advice!

Judy, this is my first time bringing soap with me! I'm bringing the obvious lavender, vanilla, citrus scented, musk, etc. I was just curious if anyone had favorites they bring that sell well. I wouldn't want to bring scents people aren't interested in and miss out on good sellers.


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