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Hopefully I selected the correct discussion. Feel free to move if this is the wrong discussion. Thanks!

We have decided to try some of the "better" art fairs. We've been doing local craft shows. Looking thought the applications we are undecided which category to select. Wood or Mixed Media 3D.

The main medium is wood. We apply an electrical treatment to the wood to create the designs then the piece is stained and finished. We have multiple sizes and various types of wood.

I've attached a couple of photos. Thoughts?

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Yes, you are right. I do know Zapp is not asking for an "artist statement," noticed what I wrote as soon as I pushed the add reply button. Sorry.

But, yes, it can get confusing, especially to those of us who do not write too many actual artist statements.

I have read several of the Smithsonian statements in the past as I have applied to that show. It IS confusing because there is so much variation. Some are writing about primarily technique and others are doing an actual statement.

Some lesser known shows ask for a statement but accept writing done strictly on technique.


Click on this link for some helpful info to help you get started here on this site:

Hope that helps you to get acclimated here.

I see wood category. And that is good-because you have something different!

All of your comments have been very helpful. It's a bit confusing reading the variety of information out there. My take away is short and succinct about the process. Save the rest for your bio. 

Thank you all so much!

I suggest you save the rest for the round file. A biography is information about you and your experience. Not philosophical stuff at all. GO GET 'EM!


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