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Good afternoon/evening everyone.  I am wondering what everyone is working on or where you are going for your next event?

This past Saturday dh and a friend of ours went to The Painted Pelican (TPP) in Covington, LA where I have a booth.  It was the first anniversary/birthday for the store.  There was a big birthday celebration and I worked my shift for this month from 10:00-2:00.  It was fun and I was excited to sell several things this past weekend.

I have my first road show this coming weekend at Vintage Market Days of Mobile, AL.  It is Friday - Sunday.  We will head out Thursday morning for set up time at 1:00 PM.

I am working on last minute things to go in the trailer.  We will load up tomorrow and Wednesday.  I actually brought 2 pieces from TPP to put in my booth.  They are pieces we picked up in Mississippi.  They have not gone on the road yet so I want to give them some exposure.

One is a telephone table, also known as a gossip bench.  It has a table for a phone and an attached seat.  Very retro/vintage.  I did not have to do anything to put it out for sale except clean with some Murphy's Oil Soap in a spray bottle.  The other piece is a two tiered pie crust table.  It had a good finish on it so I just gave it the same cleaning as the telephone table.  If they do not sell this season as is, I may paint them to give them a new look and try it again in the spring.

I have spend time yesterday afternoon and this afternoon painting some glassware, mostly bottles, vases and mason jars.  Actually yesterday I got a coat of "primer" on them and a first coat of paint on a few of them.  Now they have all been given a first coat of paint.  I had to lower the A/C because it was pretty humid here today w/rain off and on all day.  The humidity, as you probably can guess, slows the dry time.  I am also using a timer to keep track of how long things have been drying.  I like to let it dry for a minimum of 30 minutes in lower humidity conditions before moving on to the next coat of paint or to glaze or wax.  I will get a 2nd coat of paint on today.  Hoping that is all that is needed.

I would like to get other things labeled/priced while glassware is drying.  For one of my new items I need to take a look at pricing others have used online.

I am hoping the weather cooperates so that we can get some things loaded tomorrow afternoon.  Dh took two steamer trunks out this morning while it was clear.  Both are going to be used for display purposes.

One of the steamers we bought in Mississippi at a store with .  The guy selling it has put shelves in it and secured the bottom (exterior) with a board.  The board helped it stand up and stay open.  But we needed it closed temporarily so dh removed the board for now.  The inside was painted a hideous green.  I repainted it a sage green for displaying pieces.  It looks 1000% better.

The other trunk is bigger---it stands about 4 feet tall, and had not been altered at all.  It was dusty inside.  I have to be careful cleaning it due to its age so I used some swiffer cloths to wipe it down.  I will use it to display pieces as well.

Both trunks will be priced.  We have one we used previously on the road and did not have it priced.  We eventually had to price it.  It is still for sale but is at TPP.  Everything in our booth is for sale ... EVERYTHING.  John and I are married to each other, not our props or displays.  LOL

So what are YOU working on or where are you going?

Well, back to painting.  My timer has gone off. 

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Packing for a small 2 day show this weekend in Ohio. Was going to fire a kiln load last night which is cutting it close---and my kiln lid finally broke apart- boohoo! I had another lid on order and should get it Thurs. but that's too late to fire for this coming show. 

I'm fine, though, It's a small show and I don't think I need to much stock for it.


Do you mind me asking what show in Ohio?

Art on the Green, Hudson, OH, small town between Akron and Cleveland.

Are you going?

We were there two years ago.  Beautiful area and nice people.  Did fine but was borderline worth it to return.   For about three years we went all around the Akron/ South Cleveland  area enjoyed it and made some money but thought we needed to break from it.  It also helps with the mittens we sell are not taxed and PA and NJ where we sell the best.  BTW have you even been to the Ohio Mart at  Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens.  Absolutely stunning and well run.  Here is the link  Another favorite is a place called Chardon Oh in August.   Wonderful people and food and lodging.  It is small and we brought in money for show fees but it was more about the experience.  We are a bit limited that time of year but it was still worth it.

PS Good luck and have a great trip!

Thanks, Jeff.

I lived in Ohio for years until 2010, so I have done most of their shows.

Stan Hywet is the wrong weekend for me, so I have never been there. I did Yankee Peddler in Sept, so was always short on pots. 

Chardon is good if you tie it with Lakewood on Saturday, other side of Cleveland.

Have you looked into shows in NY state? There are a few that I like but don't always get to do. I would think mittens would be a real hit up there!

NY is good.  Parents love and we do well in Ithaca and around the Finger Lakes.  Easy drive from where you and I live.  Buffalo area has been a bit hit or miss though there are plenty of shows and nice areas.  Been hitting Rochester the last few years with good results.  Would love to get into the Hamburg christmas show as we know a few people who have hit five figures there.  Eden corn fest is one to look at in August.  There are other like Letchworth but isn't always the case new ones to try are always on dates of established shows.  Our most consistent (and favorite) shows are Ithaca Apple fest in Oct;  Chester NJ in Sept and our best is Sparta NJ in Dec.  It is outdoors and a boardwalk the first weekend in Dec which is tough but perfect for what we do.

Thanks for the info!

I have done Allentown but took a year off and lost my premium spot.

There is a smaller show nearby in August but I have never done it. I have always heard nice things about it.

Also Letchworth but that is another show that is on the wrong weekend for me. I haven't done it for some time.

I will be at Rochester Museum in November for their Holiday show.

I would love to know how the Museum show goes.  Discovered that too late this year.

Seven days left until we leave for Estes Park, CO show, my last one this year, but there are only 3 1/2 effective working  days left. All of the special orders from Carbondale and Winter Park, CO shows are done and shipped. I have a few carved belts and a bunch of plain belts to finish. I sold all but one flask at the last two shows, and I have parts for 18 ready to make. Besides that, I have more billfolds, checkbooks and roper wallets to assemble. There won't be any time to get any body work done on the Suburban. 


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