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BIG weekend for excellent art fairs coming up. On my radar:

Also, Rose Squared show in Upper Montclair, NJ; Artsfest in Solomons, MD (I know that one has followers on this site); Mill Valley (CA) Fine Art Festival ...

I'm attending a little show nearby, Art-A-Licious in Adrian, MI and bet I'll see some familiar faces.

What about you?

Btw, I love hearing about everyone's weekend plans. Sharing the info with each other lets us meet new friends.

AND if you are doing a show this weekend -- PLEASE post it on our Facebook page, read by MANY! Right here:

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I would love to visit that Lakeview show. Such a great neighborhood near all the cool Chicago stuff.

Here's another goodie that we did for years: Riverwalk Art Fair in Naperville, IL. Story here:

And here is another video from Kansas City and the Plaza Art Fair featuring the poster artist, Suze Ford, and Dana Forrester, a long time exhibitor at the show and one of the judges this year. Dana, has on a beautiful shirt:

And from the Royal Oak Tribune about the Birmingham Street Art Fair:

In year's past we've done all three of these shows. It's a shame that one of them wasn't last weekend when there were few shows to do so artists don't have to pick and choose.

I am spending a final weekend in FL finishing up my 2015 Calendar, note cards, and shopping cart for my re-designed website.  Also, kayaking!  :-) 
Next weekend I'm in Virginia Beach for the Neptune Festival, and by most accounts, low price points rule.  So these items will come in handy. 

Nels is going to be at Neptune also. How about a photo of the two of you, or a tag team review?

Have you visited my son's site,, for suggestions for your shopping cart? There are a lot of helpful people there and good advice.

I'm heading to Birmingham Street Art Fair, Booth #88 near Frank St.  1st year there and excited to a part of it.

There should be a lot of AFI-ers there, Patty, probably Jim Parker who is a lot of fun. Others also. We got our start in art fairs in the Detroit area so that is probably where I have the greatest connections with artists. Hope it is a good one for you.

I'm heading to Leesburg, VA for a Paragon show.

This is usually a good one for you, isn't it, Alison?

I will be celebrating my 71st with Jean on Friday. She is fixing shrimp scampi and an apple pie with vanilla ice cream. I'm working on gun belts, billfolds and custom card/ passport cases from summer show special orders. Also working on restoring an 1860's Messing saddle made in California. Interesting stuff as ones like this are some of the earliest western style saddles made by Anglos. I treated my self to a massage this week for my tired neck and shoulders. Soooooooo nice.

Hey, they're serving shrimp scampi at the Elks here tonight too. I'll toast you with it. 

Did it snow last weekend?

I am doing a one day festival in Worcester, MA on Sunday: "StART on the Street". It's a mish-mash of DIY, art, craft, performers, cultural, etc. They say it's juried but it appears to be pretty loose. It has to be...booth spaces are handed out as you come into the staging area (still in your vehicle) then you are placed into another line, with typically long waits, to unload. There are tons of volunteers to help but if you get a "later" set-up/staging time, you have very little time to play with. No one really cares about that...people will buy as you are unwrapping/uncrating work. The show gets 50,000+ in attendance and it's just plain fun.

This may be my fourth time there and I always have a great show...better than many two-day shows.

There is a real hunger for these relaxed fun events, witness the huge success of the Renegade craft shows. Sounds like fun for you -- not far from home, right?


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