Two things:

  • artists whose primary income is from outdoor art fairs are buckled down recovering from "the season"
  • the holiday shows are in full swing

Which group do you belong to? I haven't been to an art fair for almost two months and it is time to hit the road. I'll be in Columbus, OH, this weekend visiting the Ohio Designer Craftsmen's top show Winterfair, at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. I've cleaned off my credit card and shopping is in my future.

Will you be there? I know lots of the members live in this part of the country.

If not, where will you be?

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  • Did some relaxing in the hammock enjoying the abnormally warm temperature.

  • Sorry that your newly cleaned credit card and you, Connie, won't be in Highland Park,IL. There I and 39 other fabulous Artists are gathered for the second year of Amdur Production's THE INSIDE SHOW.
    The word has spread and this year's numbers have thankfully increased. It is held at the Highland Park Country Club which is the most beautiful and lush place to have a holiday event.
    Amy pampers her Artists with a gourmet breakfast and lunches every day of the Show. Friday night she treated Dan and I ( assuredly many others) to free drinks at the bar.
    It's a great way to start the month: catching up with old friends and meeting some new Artists.
  • I'm in "full swing" mode here Downunder.   I make 2/3 if not 3/4 of my sales in spring and early summer, so its all hands on deck!     I have two more shows in the next fortnight, then none until March, when I have a few shows through autumn.   I'm having trouble at the moment keeping up with bespoke work, making new stock and doing the shows, so not much time for browsing through AFI.  I'll have a lot to catch up on when shows are over for the season and I survive Christmas (which I'm hosting for the family this year - you know when they say 'ask a busy person', yep, definitely in that bracket this year!).

  • Finishing up last minute prep for One of a Kind next weekend in Chicago.  oh, and did I mention that I am freaking out about whether I made the right pieces to sell at a show like this?  Big fees mean big pressure!

  • 2 more shows to go!!!, this weekend Morristown and next week one of a kind.
  • Recovering from big me culpa. I started four trick saddles in September for completion by end of year or January. One of the gals asked if I could have hers done for National Finals Rodeo. Not thinking I said Thanksgiving was possible. For some reason I was thinking the NFR was in January not December. Jean says "you probably mixed it up with the Denver stock show", which is another biggy in January. I read a Facebook post from a client trick rider in Calgary that they were on their way to Las Vegas, and my thought was, they must be going a month early for a vacation. Anyways, apologies made, I've been forgiven and everyone is just excited to be getting their saddles. I'm a little more relaxed not being under the gun with a deadline a couple days off. Finishing saddles later in December means I can push final payments into 2013 and not get taxed on them this year which had higher summer art show sales. Looks like we will be getting an Australian Shepard 4 years old from a friend with serious health problems. Sad but he is looking for a good home for his dog. Hope he fits in with the pack of three.
    The church ladies have another holiday show Friday. When we went to pick up inventory at the church, they now only have two full bins left and four empty ones. I got the truck loaded up with tables etc. and they are off to another one. Keep at it ladies!
    • Church ladies did $118 in four hour show at nursing home. Keep at it gals. They are well into the black now. One of he elderly residents asked if the church still held their bazaar? No,but that is something to think about for next year.
      • Dick, I know you've talked about it before, but who are the church ladies? I have a feeling they don't make saddles.

        • The "church ladies" are the Women's Fellowship at the Hilltop United Church of Christ, Parker, CO (actually out in the boonies east of Parker). No they don't make saddles. They made different sizes of fabric bags for bagging, instead of wrapping Christmas and other occasion gifts. I sewed up 11 sets of four sizes of bags last summer for them. They are a very nice craft item and they have just about sold all of the Christmas ones which makes their fund raising project a success. Resurrecting the church bazaar was well received among them today. This was their set up at the nursing home on Friday. I think they have done well for their first year, grinding it out at a number of 1-2 day craft events to get profitable and sell that inventory. Naturally they are all abuzz about next year.


  • I will be finishing up the season at the Fredericksburg Expo Center Christmas show....then feet up and a mojito!
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