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It is a great weekend for art festivals. Where I'd really like to be is in Greenville, S.C., in the heart of the Blue Ridge, at Artisphere ... oh, well. Maybe next year!

How about these shows? Will you be there?

Artisphere, Greenville, SC

28th Annual Laumeier Art Fair, St. Louis (makes me feel very old, we were at the 1st one!)

Birmingham Fine Art Fair, Birmingham, MI:

And you? I know a bunch of you will be at each of these shows.

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I'm at the Gumtree Festival in Tupelo, MS. Finished setting up this afternoon and hanging everything. All I have to do on the morning is roll up the sides and move a couple tubs to the rear of the booth space.

I bailed on Gosport (Portsmouth VA)...if I had been accepted straight-up into Stockley Gardens (Norfolk) the following weekend I'd have probably gone up despite the forecast, but it's way too far to go up and back for a single show!  Of course, the forecast is looking better and better since Thursday morning, when I cancelled show and hotel room.  No charge for the hotel (booked through Choice Hotels) and to my surprise, the very nice director of the Gosport show said she understood, and that if I wanted to do it next year they would give me a free booth.  Very kind of them, especially after I explicitly said I knew I was forfeiting my booth fee by cancelling in the 11th hour. 

I am set up and ready to go in Birmingham. I was lucky and ran into Mr. Barry Bernstein right away when I arrived. We had a short conversation which I enjoyed immensely! I have giggled often reading his hilarious posts; it was great to meet him in person. If I have time tomorrow I am going to seek out other Michigan AFIers! Here's hoping the weather cooperates for us all.

Dd and I have had a weekend to ourselves so far but dh and dfil are due back soon. They went to an antique automobile event this weekend in Chalmette, LA, just out of New Orleans.

Dh took care of mother's day before leaving and I received a beautiful potted plant for our patio yesterday.  Just now I received beautiful flowers from my dad.  He called this morning saying he needed my address because he has had trouble keeping up with it, which he has legitimately called about before.  I figured he was getting it into his truck's gps.  Very nice surprise.

I am not doing a show this weekend.  However I have been working on my Etsy shop this week getting some background stuff taken care of.  They changed their categories around again recently I have realized this week that my stuff needed categorizing.

I will be working in my studio this weekend.  It really needs some organizing.  I have come up with a storage solution that will involve dh.  I am going to take the Crop In Style cubbies out and I want 2 shelves placed in the closet from end to end, below the current shelf and rod.  (I want the rod to come out.)  I am the type that is "out of sight, out  of mind."  That is good for a lot of things but not my crafting supplies.  If they are in a drawer I forget about them.  Now that I think about it I may have dh take the doors off the closet as well.  We should be able to store them in the attic.  He has to get in the attic anyway for a box to send my TiVo in for service.  You see how one thing leads to another?  LOL

I will probably put the crop in style cubbies in my walk in closet for extra clothes storage.  I have been wanting a cabinet or chest in there for storage and this just may work out.  Yeah!  LOL 

At 6:30 pm in Franktown, CO, I am watching it snow and stick to the ground. It is supposed to continue into tomorrow with 5-8" accumulation. Working on some fancy belt orders, helping apprentice Oscar with his Guatemalan saddle, and researching old military documents for dimensions of parts for late 19th early 20th century military saddles and harness bridles.  Cutting same from harness leather and setting them up for military spec. hand stitching of 8 stitches/inch. 

I am at Birmingham, booth 99. We srt up the booth in pouring rain Friday night. The huaband was soaked and caught a cold! Saturday was ok, we had our expense covered. We will see what gonna happen tomorroe!


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