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What a difference a year makes! Last year there was a lot of shouting and pouting and fingerprinting and shushing and hoping and wishing because the Bayou City Art Festival in Houston added another 100-150 booths to its footprint after the jurying. It probably garnered more attention than anything that happened in our business last year. 

Now here we are, one year later, and what show is coming up this weekend, kiddos? Bayou City Art Festival in Memorial Park starts tomorrow and nary a whisper. Here's wishing everyone there (maybe 450 artists) a great show. Hope those Houstonians show up in busloads and buy you out.

The Florida shows linger on. This weekend the Uptown Art Expo in Altamonte Springs deserves good weather and the artists and organizers good sales and the De Land Outdoor Art Festival brings even more artists out to make $$$.

How about you? Attending those events? Any other ones? Or are you building inventory, working a second job, lolling on the beach, planting the back 40? Tell us.

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Yes, we did quite well here last year. The weather changed yesterday with rain and a front that brought in much cooler temps and low humidity (two of my favorite things.) Also quite a bit more breezy! So set up tonight was a little challenging, especially for the newbies and green horns. There might be a mess to clean up in the parking lot tomorrow for some of 'em.

It's gonna be a beautiful weekend here in Pensacola! WOOHOO!

I'm in Englewood, FL for the town's Rotary show.  It's very well attended every year, and seems to hit the sweet spot for my work.  It was busy as heck today under beautiful blue skies and low humidity. 

This is my last big FL show of the season.  I've been working on developing inventory for extended stays in Virginia in May (2-3 shows), June (Va. Beach Boardwalk0 and possibly the fall (Seawall in Portsmouth, Ocean View Art Assn in Norfolk, Neptune Festival in Va. Beach.  The VA shots have been selling very well in Florida, which is encouraging. 

Sales are up about 50-60% for me this year.  it would be nice to see that continue up north, as my summers have never been close to my fl shows in profitability. 

This is our last FL show of the season as well. We had a busy day yesterday too. With one exception, all of our FL show are up from last year. Geoff - you left out a key item in your update.

Are you at Englewood also, Bill? Hope the sales continued on Sunday. What do you attribute the better sales this better winter to?

Yes we are. Today was better than yesterday. Don't know what the difference is but most artists we spoke to reported a better season.

Up 50-60%!! That has to be so encouraging, Geoff. How many years have you been at this now? Do you think it is (not only better imagery, of course) but all you have learned about the business over this period of time. So pleased for you.


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