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57th Street in Chicago?

Columbus (OH) Arts Festival?

Omaha Summer Arts Festival (scene some years ago of terrible storms -- and just today softball size hail falling nearby!!)?

Annapolis, MD?

Louisville? Columbia, MO? 

I'm going to Jackson, MI's, Art and Wine Festival at the Ella Sharp Museum. Doesn't that sound like fun?

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Hardly anyone crazy enough to stay in FL this time of year.  Howard Alan's ACE division does a small show on St. Pete  Beach this weekend and it is a pretty good show for me, all things considered.  Definitely no more than a paycheck but one has to eat and pay the mortgage!   I don't hit the road until August.  Doing some "10-year" repairs on my house, in the meantime: Re-grouting, painting, and a kick ass party when it's all done!

I just had someone complain because we didn't have any Florida shows listed on for these three months. Heavens, there is a reason for that. Right?

Show us the photos of your upgrade. I posted mine on my FB page in April. Our house is always a work in progress ...

Is "ten year work" the same thing as "deferred maintenance"? I'm in the same boat with work on the lower level wall, garage clean out, the garden is still not in, and trees need to be cut down or pruned. And the photo work is years behind :-(
I thought retirement was supposed to be a life of leisure ;-)

Haha...well, I don't know, Robert.  There are things you SHOULD do but put off 'cause they're a pain in the butt, but  I don't think anybody, no matter how OCD, paints and re-grouts annually.  :-)  There IS a garage cleanout in the job jar, and I definitely agree that THAT task is deferred maintenance!

I am actually shooting less these days because I'm always driven to process and print right away, and this summer is devoted to getting rid of old inventory by whatever means possible (including <shudder> having a half-price sale at a Howard Alan craft show).

I've gotten rid of old inventory by placing all the work in a separate flip bin with a discreet sign that just indicates a single price for anything in there, since too many shows forbid sale signs. I got cutesy one year a ways back by making a sign for the blowout bin by labeling it "Bob's Bargain Basement Bin". I got a few smiles from it and sold a bunch of stuff that was shop worn and hadn't moved in years. It almost made me wonder if my regular price points were too high.
Doing the Three Rivers at Pittsburg, PA.c suggestions on parking a dodge grand carravan w/trailer? Never set up at 10PM before, what can I expect? Did a recon mission toda, all lots are full!

Edward, I'd suggest sending a message to Larry Berman, who knows this show so well.

Just did one last week for a 8 pm setup time and got done at 12 pm. Had a flashlight that I could sit on the ground an direct the light straight up at the tent ceiling and it was almost like daylight. Used this one flash light, pricey after buying battery but I already owned a combo set, the light is really bright. Also bring a separate light for finding your stuff outside the tent. Some communities are well light depending on you booth location but once you put your tent up, not much light comes through.

I did one of those night time set-ups a couple years ago. I used a plug-in inverter and ran a 60 watt trouble light clamped to the rear door of the van. I just turned it around to point where I needed it.

This show was one of my best ever and the sales totally surprised me.  I had no idea my surf art and florals would be so popular up there.  The night load in was totally difficult merely because of the time, and we did not get done until 2:30 AM after being let in at 11 PM.  Other than that, the staff and coordinators/promoters, local police, and overall positive, helpful folks running the show were abundant and totally helpful in every way.  I managed to park my trailer for the weekend at the nearby Boulous Open Air Parking lot.  tons of volunteers helped us dolly our work to our booth. The availability of electricity was just beyond incredible!  State of the art, so I did not need my inverter, battery set up, however, my LED track lights lit the place up like an airfield runway, much to the delight of all those around us!  The awards breakfast was amazing as are the beautiful people of Pittsburgh.  Their level of positivity was just unheard of.  Even when it was pouring rain, I had people streaming into my booth asking about my work and paying big time for originals and reproductions.  There will definitely be some call backs on my larger 40" X 60" pieces from some of the corporate clients that were stoping by on their way to work.  I did session D which was only on the weekend.  I was located right on Penn Ave. where the subway entrance is at Gateway One.  Since I paid extra for corner, it paid for itself the first hour of the show.  Super location!  Rolled up the vinyl sides during the nicer weather and my blue sail cloth walls jumped out at everyone in the sea of white tents.  I'll be back ya'll!  Love PA!

darn it! Sorry that I did not see this before!! I am at TRAF for the whole 10 trays. I hope you found a parking spot and had a great show! 

Edited to say - Glad you you had a great show in the burgh!! FYI- the 2 days slot on Penn Ave is the honey pot slot. You were blessed to get on the street. Pittsburghers are great huh? Even I was amazed that people kept shopping when that little storm hit. 

I am sorry that I did not to see your booth. But it was so packed when I got there Sunday, and pushing a cart of stuff, I could not check out the booths. 

Here is a good article about 57th Street, which has replaced its "Art Buying Boot Camp" with "Pop up Talks":

Cool video about the Edina Art Fair


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