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We are deep into art fair season right now! If you don't have a show you must be in some other business!

Big ones in State College, PA and Madison, WI -- I mean large numbers of artists. Then the other sweet ones, in St. Joe, MI, on the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan and the one we always did, Cain Park in Cleveland Heights, OH. What about Guilford, CT? Corn Hill in Rochester, NY?

In Michigan the Royal Oak Outdoor Art fair, Wyandotte Street Fair, Plymouth, MI's Art in the Park -- I think the list could be very long. How about you? Setting up in State College right now?

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It was my second thousand dollar day. My first was Saturday at Crocker Park last year...

I will be in Madison, WI for Art Fair On The Square - Booth 739. First time at this show.

That should be very interesting, Robert. Hope the weather is great. I know the crowds will be there. Best wishes.

Turning a tondo frame, preparing it for the Wyoming Woodturner's meeting on Sunday. I'll be doing a presentation there about gold leaf techniques. WOOHOO!

Art in the Park, Steamboat Springs, CO before all the craziness starts. Pictures of West Lincoln Park, and the arts center in the old railroad depot across the Yampa River.


Other picture, can't get two pictures to upload at same time. Ahh the smell of sulphur springs in the air like Yellowstone. I have to request booth space away from the springs or my silver will turn brown overnight.


Richard - ok, have to admit, have not been in area where sulphur springs are present with our silver jewelry.  Does it really turn it brown?  If so, I guess this is one area we take off our list and one more thing to have to consider as we look at new shows in 2015.  We were really thinking a summer in CO would be nice, are there other areas with sulphur springs we should avoid?

There is an active cold water spring bubbling up hydrogen sulfide in the park. The man made lake is over several small older springs that just produce little bubbles on the lake surface. You can smell the hydrogen sulfide throughout the park at times ( rotting egg gas). Yes , The H2S reacts with silver even with the tent zipped up at night. A blitz cloth removes the brow tarnish easily.

Just found this story about the Cain Park Arts Festival -- just in case any of you are thinking about "next year":

I am at Krasl art festival. Nice weather, a lot of people, right next to the beach so m. 5-Year-old doesn't feel bored. And i have even won a ribbon. So, nothing to complain about. Will be back next year.

No little buddy right next to you like at Old Town for your daughter? What a beautiful place to be this weekend, Sabrina, and congratulations on the ribbon. You are really starting out in this business well. Will you be in Ann Arbor also?

Heading home from Steamboat Springs, CO today with money in my pocket LOL. I'll write a review later but have a bunch of special orders to get out before leaving for Winter Park, CO on Thursday. Got a lead from a wildlife photographer where about 20 moose hang out south of Estes Park. Going to check that out after show there Labor Day.


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