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There is a lot going on this weekend around here .. Valentine's Day, of course.  Here in south Louisiana we also are having Mardi Gras celebrations going on.  Mardi Gras is not till Tuesday but parades started last weekend.  The weather is supposed to be mild here.  Usually for Mardi Gras we pray for rain and cold ... less skin shown and maybe a little less rowdiness.  But ... I would like some mild temps because I need it for grouting some tiles.  I really need it to be above 50º and it should be.

I will be working on show prep this weekend concerning inventory too.  I am working on entering my inventory into my Square app.  This should help, especially when the show is over and I need to have quick turnaround.  I will be able to more quickly see what I have.

Depending on how inventory entry goes I will also be filling in where needed in inventory.  My first show of the spring is March 7 at Shadows on the Teche.  []  It was good to us in the fall.  Besides inventory, very soon I need to pull out table covers, props, etc. and check their condition but it probably won't be over the weekend.

So what is everyone else doing this weekend?

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It is a big weekend everywhere! 

OMG -- folks in Florida (the shoppers) should be in hog heaven. What's happening:

Coconut Grove Arts Festival in Miami on the shores of Biscayne Bay; lots of interesting information about the evolution of he show and the area:

Right next to The Grove is St. Stephen's in the Grove with even more artists.

Not far away in W. Palm Beach or is it Jupiter? You can tell how long it is since I've been there ...

Arti Gras! I'm not finding any articles about that, nonetheless, it will be well attended.

Me, I'm spending the weekend in Arizona -- at the Grand Canyone with  my kids and grandkids. Is there an art fair nearby? Heading to the airport now ... have a great weekend everyone.

(thanks Cynthia for starting this thread)

I'm doing the Indiana State Museum Arts festival. it's a small indoor show which is a good thing as it's bitterly cold and snow is on the ground. I set up tomorrow morning, reception with a dog-and-pony show on Friday afternoon through early evening, and a regular day on Saturday with tear down that evening. I'm not looking forward to loading up in my driveway this afternoon with the cold wind blowing and snow flurries.

There is also the Sanibel-Captiva Rotary show on (you guessed it) Sanibel Island.  This is a coveted show for those who have beachy, birdy work appropriate for the seasonal renters and homeowners on this natural, tropical paradise.  It's just a few minutes' drive (and $6) bridge toll from my home in S. Fort Myers, and I do it whenever I can. 

The economy-recovery signs are ferociously waving down here.  Let's hope it continues!

Hi Geoff - we were wait-listed for Sanibel but didn't get the call. Oh well. I agree that the recovery seems to be going strong in FL this winter.

I spend pretty much every day working in the barn creating new pieces for upcomin' shows. must be kidding when you pray for rain and cold for Mardi Gras... A Louisiana native would never do that..!

No, I am not.  Some of us do not get in to the stuff that goes on around this "holiday".  Those who don't like having to put with the rowdiness, public drunkenness from way in the morning, and so on for 2 weeks leading up to it, though mostly it's on Thursdays-Sundays.  If you have never experienced it first hand a person really has no idea what it's like.

As it is there is rain predicted for Monday and Tuesday.  A 40% on Monday and an 80% on Tuesday, so I guess my prayers are being answered at the moment.

The weather threat for Monday and Tuesday is enough for them to move up the parades for those days to tomorrow.  I guess Monday and Tuesday could end up being normal workdays around here.

I was born and raised in New Orleans, my Mom & Dad lived on Royal Street when I was born and my Grandparents owned and lived in the house in the bend of Bourbon Street & Pauger.

My Mom, 3 sisters and her brother grew up in that house. I started going to Mardi Gras when I was around 5 years old and loved every moment of I have experienced it first hand

For the individuals and families that are more laid back and don't like to get rowdy and cut loose there is the Mardi Gras in Metairie.

Mardi Gras has something for everyone.

All I'll say is to each his own.  Mardi Gras is just not our thing.

I'm at St. Stephens in Coconut Grove. Saturday was perfect weather with a chilly start but ended up in the low 70s. The buying crowd came later in the day, thank goodness. I was wondering where they were for the first 2/3rds of Valentines day.

Well, I did a little booth-sharing over the Holidays at The Rust Belt Market here in Ferndale, MI and I did pretty well until January hit, at which time I removed everything as nothing was selling.  This week-end, though, they had a big Valentine's Day Pancake Breakfast/Lunch, so I decided to put some stuff together and take it over there in the hopes of making a few bucks.  I'm still waiting to hear whether or not I sold anything but fingers crossed.  The Rust Belt, for those of you who aren't familiar with it, is a wonderful year-round artist's market with a cafe and an ever-changing assortment of booths and kiosks.  There's a little bit of everything ranging from artisanal foods, jewelry, crafts, teas, photography and even some antiques.  They're only open on week-ends but it's a great place to spend a winter day...


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