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Not much going on, is there? Easter weekend slows down our business. The only one on my radar is the Indian Wells Art Festival outside of Palm Springs in CA. I attended this a few years ago and saw a bunch of people from around the country, including Sally Bright, Amos Amit and Sandhi Schimmel Gold. 

How about you? 

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The only show I know of in Florida, MANDARIN ART FESTIVAL in Jacksonville, FL. You can read my pre-show news at that link. WOOHOO!

Bustin butt in my shop to create additional inventory. I really look forward to my shop time.

Good place to be~sometimes I feel like it's therapy! Happy Easter Greg!

Dodging my extended family and chaining myself to my press :)

Hi Connie~

Steve & I are doing a multiple of things~no~no shows~! We are organizing our applications for "Spring Art at Westfield Old Orchard" that are still coming in due to a computer glich (unfortunately), & very excited about our Fair as you know more than anyone~My wonderful Steve is shampooing the carpets~windows are open~FRESH AIR~YES~ & we are doing Spring Cleaning scarring our poor cat~the stereo is blasting with "oldies but goodies," (helps us keep going)~TOMORROW~we rest & ENJOY a standing rib roast & fixings!  Usually it is a ham, but haven't had this for awhile. Thats' what we are doing!  Happy Easter & Passover Everyone & Connie~love your video~in fact, we may have to come to Michigan & kidnap you to join us spring clean~LOL! Connie, have you ever considered the Playboy Club?!!!

You won't want me for Spring cleaning. We traveled so much for so many years that housecleaning was relegated to someone who came in once a month for a quick once-over. Now she is retiring this month and we are going to be in deep trouble here. 

I did enjoy that dancing.

A lot of nothin', as much as I can.  First weekend off since before Christmas.  I've been working half days most of the week in the studio, getting stuff printed for my trip to GA next week and Virginia shows in May. This is also a prime week to go out and photograph birds; they look beautiful in their breeding plumages this time of year down here.  Plus, there's this basketball tournament everyone keeps talking about. . .

Well, my team didn't make it and thank goodness I never filled out a bracket this year. How did yours do? But we're pretty proud of Wisconsin -- who would have expected that?

I'm enjoying seeing the birds home from the South and the songs in the morning would almost have you believe it is Spring. 

My plan was to get errands done Friday as usual.  Then spend Saturday working on replenishing stock.  Today would be church as usual.  No little ones here for Easter egg hunts.  Then I wanted to spend the afternoon working on stock again while laundry cycles complete.

Well, my plans were different that what God planned for us this weekend.  My dad fell and had to go to the hospital.  Fortunately nothing was broken.  He was sent home after a clean CT scan.  However he has been in pain.  He was sent home with pain prescription and a muscle relaxer.  He would get relaxed enough to go to sleep.  I stayed with him Friday night, not much sleep trying to listen for him.  My nephew stayed with him last night.  However he felt he was not getting any better so he went in the hospital today.  We went back over to check on him as soon as we could get away, about 11:00.  My dad lives about 40 minutes from us so there has been lots of running up and down the road.  My brother cooked out and offered for us to eat at his house.

I am tired of the running and sort of brain dead at this point.  When we got back about 3:30 I had my cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll.  So now I have laundry running and catching up on email.  Dh has been very supportive and has run around with me, as has dd.  Yesterday after dh and dd picked me up dd and I ran the errands we were supposed to do Friday.  We were exhausted last night, all of us.

As for replenishing stock, none done yet.  My plan is to work on it tomorrow, if I don't have to go check on my dad.  In fact, if I don't have to go I plan on staying home all day and getting things done here.

Hope your dad is doing much better, Cindy. How dare life get in the way of out best laid plans? Wonderful though that you have family near to help with all of the obligations and stand by with your father. 


He ended up admitting to the hospital.  Fortunately no bones are broken or chipped.  I laid eyeballs on dad and grandma today.  (93 yo Grandma got 3 stitches to the base of her left thumb last Thursday after trying to cut up an apple!)  Both were as good as could be expected.  Dad will go to inpatient phys. rehab due to living alone.  Not sure after that.  Thanks for your concern.

Getting ready for next weekend at Queeny Park in St. Louis. Trying something new with printing on real watercolor paper and tearing ragged bevel edges afterwards, then matting with a shadow box style where the paper is mounted on a floater behind so it "hangs" in mid air with the front matte about an inch away from the ragged edges of the paper.


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