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The big deal in Florida this weekend is Mainsail. Ellen Marshall will be there but her husband Nels Johnson won't -- still recovering from a record breaking show in Ft. Worth last weekend. More about Mainsail:

A chi-chi show in Ridgeland, MS, hosts some of the business' heavy hitters at the Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival.

Sugarloaf starts their season in Gaithersburg, MD.

This is a thorough article about the Arlington (VA) Festival of the Arts, produced by Howard Alan -- gives good background on the event as well as a look into the HAE business:

Stevens Point, WI - Nice indoor show, well-promoted and attended:

What about you? Any shows on the radar or other events on this thoroughly anticipated beautiful weather weekend here in the North.

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Sorry to hear about all the rain. I've been to Melrose Plantation years ago...not to do a show but to just see it...If I remember correctly it is about halfway between Alexandria and Shreveport.

A lot or rain and threats of rain everywhere this week. it was apparently not the best weekend for shows.


You are right, it's between Alexandria and Shreveport, but it's below Natchitoches.

One thing I was disappointed on was the bathroom situation.  They had porta-potties for all to use, including artists/crafters.  And they had NO washing station.  They did put out hand sanitizer about midmorning on Saturday.  I told them that since they had food booths there where people were cooking/preparing food they really needed to have actual bathrooms with soap and water just for sanitary reasons.  I do not like the idea of eating food prepared by people who do not have access to soap and water.

I got 2 different stories on that.  So I am not sure who to believe.  One is that they usually have a bathroom open for vendors only and have attendees use porta-potties.  The other story is that everyone used porta-potties because using the regular restroom overwhelmed their septic tank.  <shrug>  Who really knows since this was my first time there.

Isn't there a health department inspection for the food and restaurant vendors? I can't imagine that there isn't some sanitary regulation for them. Sure wouldn't get away with not having that around here.

I know the food booths usually have different requirements than those of us who sell other items.  I don't know all the particulars of their requirements though.  However, common sense would say that there needs to be at least one bathroom available to those selling food for them to wash their hands after using the rest room.  I don't sell food but I still want soap and water available after going to the rest room.  It's a matter of good hygiene.

Hand sanitizer does okay in a pinch once in a blue moon but to have to use that all day 2 days in a row as your only hygiene practice during a show?  It's not enough in my mind.

I can't imagine how any health department would allow any food section to be without a place to wash their hands. Most of the porta poopers are quite disgusting and not having the ability to wash my hands after being in one is beyond comprehension...and I don't sell food and sure would not want to eat any prepared there...I didn't order chocolate chips on my caramel corn...!


Right, Greg. I think I saw somewhere that the LeMoyne Chain of Lakes show in Florida was cancelled on Sunday too, but believe the big one in St. Pete, Mainsail, got through without rain. 

Now if it would only rain in the San Joaquin Valley ...

LeMoyne Chain of Parks. Yes, I got an email that Sunday was a wash out.

This is such a touch and go life, isn't it Cindy? Dispiriting to say the least. Then whoops a good one comes around (see Nels' post about Fort Worth) and off we go again, that hope in our hearts. 

May the next one be dry and sunny.

Connie, I know it's a risk we take when we apply to shows and are accepted.  It is a risk every morning when dh and I open the doors to our retail store ... will customers walk through the door today and make a purchase?

I am not as discouraged as I was on Sunday but ...  It does make me wonder if 2 day shows are worth it because the 2nd day is always down in attendance and sales.  Right now I am finding it hard to justify that 2nd night in a hotel room and the extra food.

Around here it's a general rule of thumb that you will do half on Sunday of what you did on Saturday. That's the way it is and we just accept it.

Sure, there are times when Sunday is the better day, but that's rare.

I have become a fan of one day shows.  We'll see if that holds true when I do Art on the Square in Williamsburg this coming weekend.  People don't have the option to return the next day so they tend to buy all day long instead of my usual afternoon rush.  


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