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The big deal in Florida this weekend is Mainsail. Ellen Marshall will be there but her husband Nels Johnson won't -- still recovering from a record breaking show in Ft. Worth last weekend. More about Mainsail:

A chi-chi show in Ridgeland, MS, hosts some of the business' heavy hitters at the Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival.

Sugarloaf starts their season in Gaithersburg, MD.

This is a thorough article about the Arlington (VA) Festival of the Arts, produced by Howard Alan -- gives good background on the event as well as a look into the HAE business:

Stevens Point, WI - Nice indoor show, well-promoted and attended:

What about you? Any shows on the radar or other events on this thoroughly anticipated beautiful weather weekend here in the North.

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I'm doing a small indoor show in Nappanee IN run by the local public library. (Spring into Art) It's an easy way for me to start the summer season up here. No canopy needed, that comes next week, and I like supporting the library.

LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival is happening this weekend in Tallahassee, FL and we've done the show more than any other anywhere. It's really been charming for us to do. Unfortunately, two days after leaving Jacksonville, FL while enroute to Chattanooga, we had to admit my wife into the hospital in Macon, GA where she recovered from pneumonia. It was very serious and touch and go the first three days. In less than 24 hours there a team of critical care unit docs recommended to me that she be intubated and placed on total breathing support. So that's what happened. She was in CCU for five days, four of which she spent on a ventilator, and 8 days total in the hospital, Navicent Health Medical Center. I cancelled the rest of our tour (three more shows including Chattanooga 4Bridges, LeMoyne in Tallahassee, and Art Market at Historic Honey Horn in Hilton Head, SC) on Wednesday, April 8 just before she was intubated.

Now we're in a La Quinta Inn hotel suite unit Monday when we'll begin our trek back to Wyoming. I don't know about touring in the future, but we'll probably not ever again schedule six to eight week trips with shows each weekend. We'll see. It's hard to believe we'll not ever come to Florida again, but that's entirely possible. We may never come back to the South. But we have so many good friends and customers down here. And we have good prospects for future deals with some of them. So we'll just have to see. We'll just have to get my wife's health back up again and then our confidence in it remaining well.

I see her name is still on the LeMoyne website as a participating artist despite my cancelling 9 days ago. That itself will present a bit of a problem since so many people know us there.

Best wishes for your wife and hope she recovers quickly and well. 

Thanks, Robert. WOOHOO!

Hope she recovers and gets back on her feet soon. I wouldn't count anything out. Everything happens for a reason despite us not always understanding it.

I'm just seeing this now, Barrie. What a blow! How is she now? and you too?

This entirely blows your art fair schedule to smithereens in the foreseeable future, doesn't it? It is almost life changing. After your cheery report on the Mandarin Festival I was looking forward to the info about the rest of your season and wondered what happened. So shocking. Best to you both.

Barrie...How is your wife doing???????????

Everything's fine now for the most part. We're limping home, tonight in Tupelo, MS after spending 6 days and nights together in a Macon, GA hotel suite. Very wonderful time together there.

Yes, certainly has us rethinking the future of shows in Florida and shows in general. Hard to imagine we'll give up everything there and everywhere; probably won't give it all up. We have too much going on that's way so good. Have some excellent solid stuff happening for us, and I'm sure we'll stay in the game. We're certainly doing the best art we've ever done and we're totally excited about that.

Thanks for the well wishes, y'all. I'll keep in close touch.

Staying home and matting pieces for the flip bin. The next show is Cherokee Triangle weekend after this one, then seven shows in a row.

Just finished setting up for Ridgeland. Praying again this week the rain holds off. 

I'm just working on inventory. Trying to get all these new pieces completed in preparation for my upcoming shows. I think sometimes it would be nice to have a clone to do all my dirty work I don't wanna do.

I went to the Melrose Plantation Arts and Crafts Festival in Melrose, LA.  100% chance of rain was forecast for Saturday and 40% for Sunday.  We took the almost 4 hour drive on Friday thinking we might get there only to find out I was cancelled.  (It had been raining several days beforehand so things were not looking good.) We figured if it was cancelled we would make it a mini vacation and do some fun things while there.

IN the long run, it was not cancelled.  However, it did not rain either day during show hours.  It rained Sunday before sun up for about 10 minutes, according to the security guard.

We heard different estimates on how many people called to cancel their booth, all the way up to 30 out of about 100+/- booths.  The attendance was way down in attendees as well.  I think the forecast scared a lot of people off, understandably.  We about broke even on sales/expenses.

In general when we do 2 day shows, Sunday's attendance is about 1/2 of Saturday's.  It is beginning to make me consider whether the extra expenses of a 2nd night in a hotel & the food are worth it.  Right now I am still reaccelerating to home after being gone 3 full days.  (We left Friday morning to set up that afternoon.)  We did not get home till almost 10 PM last night.  Today we are trying to catch up on things around the house, work, etc.  It is good to be home!


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