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I would very much appreciate any suggestions on the website. I have this website for several years. Unfortunately, don't have any sales.

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Oksana I am a website developer, and your site looks very nice.  It is a little slow, but within acceptable limits.  So I don't think the site design is the main issue.  I am wondering how many visitors you get.  Do you have statistics on traffic? Do people sign up for your newsletter?

Unfortunately, people don't sign up for my newsletters. And a lot of them are unsubscribed.

So the site statistics tell us very few people look at anything but the home page.  However, since your home page has most of the content it is hard to be sure that means anything.  (That is one reason I design using more pages with less content on each.) 

What do you think about running a sale, and seeing if you get a response?  I would send out an announcement in the newsletter a week ahead of time, and then a day ahead of time.  The sale should be of limited duration.  You don't have to put all your work in the sale, and the discount doesn't have to be huge.  10 or 15 percent would be enough.

Hello and your site looks very well designed and good presentation and outline.  What I'm finding is that people are being extremely funny about buying Art and Paintings and specialty works online now.  I sell most of my stuff at shows or many of my commissioned work and unveiling events.  That said I think marketing is going to be the key here.  I don't know what you do for marketing but I just created my New Art Website in June 2021 as people keep asking where is my site and I think I will put money into marketing that. I started with Google Ads and Marketing people from Fiveer.  Good luck with everything.


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