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We have a post about cancelled shows. How about open for business shows?

Just a thought, I noticed that we had a cancellation list of shows. Is there a list for shows still going on to help artists?

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I'll bite!  LOL

I am doing the following shows.  These are not fine art/craft but I am not saying fine art/fine craft isn't to be found.  If you are unsure if these are for you, contact the show producer directly.  I can/will answer questions also.  I am going as a vintage furniture and home decor artist.  I also bring decor that I am able to clean up and sell as is.  None of these shows are "garage sale" or "flea market" type shows.  I don't do those types.

Vintage Market Days (VMD) --

This website lists all the shows.  You create a free profile and then apply to the shows that interest you.  I know some here take issue with the word "vendor".  Please don't let that turn you off to the VMD shows or the other one I'll list below (Market at the Mill).  I see only great people and art, antiques, vintage, and other products, much of which created or altered by the (gasp) "Vendor".

VMD of Mobile (AL)

VMD of Southwest Louisiana

VMD of Southeast Louisiana

Market At the Mill

If you have specific questions about how they operate, etc., I'll try to answer but if I don't know the answer, I'll tell you that too. :D

Hi Cindy, I've been looking at those VMD events -- are they actually taking place? I was going to visit one in Cleveland and it has been cancelled. I'm looking for people with your kind of work for a crafts street at our local home tour in the historic neighborhood where I live.

Sorry, Danielle. Shouldn't be hijacking your thread ... but I'm hearing whispers about some events in late July in Michigan.

All of my 2020 shows have been cancelled, except one "maybe."

Woodland Art Show, by the Lexington Art League, August, in KY. Last I heard from them, they were still trying to do it.

Waterford Fair and Homes Tours in VA, an October show, officially cancelled last Friday. 

Connie, the shows I’ve listed are confirmed to go on.  I can’t speak for all the VMD events.  Some may be cancelled or still up in the air.  You’d have to contact the promoter for the particular show to get up to date info.

Market at the Mill is put on by the city of New Roads (LA) and is a go.

Ok so while I am an artist, I create jewelry from botanical and other natural items. I am also a show promoter. Danielle's Blue Ribbon Events.

We just had two successful shows in northern Michigan. We have about a dozen shows that are still a go for summer and fall.  These are all boutique shows with a higher discretionary income clientele that supports the arts.   Quality over quantity

My artists did very well at them considering the lower crowds.  All shows have struct social distancing policies and procedures in place.  I will not have more than 70 artists at any show this year in Michigan.

The other shows I still have going on that are not run by me are Mackinaw art and craft

Rochester Art in the Village

Sturgeon bay was moved to a new date in August

St James Court

Every other show I had was cancelled, which prompted me to pull my finger out and get organized to help my artist friends.

My show list is below and you can always go to my website

plus we just added Labor day weekend in Alden on Torch Lake and the last weekend in August Maple River Art and craft

I am trying to help artist friends fill weeks so they can keep ticking along

Here are some more opportunities.  Cross your fingers- not canceled yet.   If we do have to cancel I will take the hit- full refunds if we cancel a week prior to the event. 

I have some space in July and early April because artists have routing issues and have had to cancel. (It does not make sense to come all the way to Michigan if other shows were canceled). These are all in the Detroit area.

Stony Creek Art Fair- July 25-26.  This one is a "Pay What You Want" show.  Trying to make t easier for artists that are unable (or unwilling) to put up a large hunk of cash.

Belle Isle Art Fair- August 1-2. $355

Royal Oak Art of Fire- August 8-9 $355 NOTE- this one is owned by the Royal Oak Chamber so does not have the same cancellation policies as our shows.  Ask if you're concerned.

Funky Ferndale Art Fair- September 20-22 $395

Kensington Art Fair- October 3-4 $355

ALL OF THESE YOU CAN APPLY AT  We are not charging application fees on these as the events have limited space.  We are staying true to our category limits so Jewelry for example is very limited.

We are also experimenting with some new events.

We'retrying a Suite Art Fair in Columbus, Ohio on August 21-23.  At an upscale hotel- each artist has their own suite.  Details and application at  There is no application cost and one price includes hotel suite breakfasts and lunches.  Best for more expensive work as the goal is to get a smaller group of dedicated collectors. Very limited space so let us know soon if you want to participate.

Finally, we are bringing back an old Ann Arbor institution- the Winter Art Fair.  Some of you may remember this event from the 1980's.  We will be at the County Fairgrounds (Same location used by the home show and antique shows).  No application fee this year.  A little more casual than the other fairs but still must be made by the exhibiting artist.

Mark,  I think it is so thoughtful of you to offer a show with a "pay what you can afford" booth fee.  I imagine that are so many people who can't risk spending money for a booth fee if they possibly won't find many buyers at a show.  Thanks Mark for trying to help some artists out.


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