• I've used several different popups: Sams, borrowed an EZup, new Euramax. Because my first popup's roof leaked, I applied seam sealer underneath the roof in the Euramax. Then, I apply 2 coats Starbright waterproofing to the roof and curtains with a brush (not spray). It's still holding up 3 years later but it may be time to reapply.

    Good luck with your tent. I don't recommend Euramax (their curtains aren't long enough, roof puddles, frame squeaks, the "window wall" is cute but useless). 

    A storm last weekend in Cedar Key, FL only took down one tent that I saw. It was a vinyl (waterproof?) popup with those six-sided legs. (I didn't see it standing.) The weight of water collected on the roof and collapsed the frame. I'm sure the vinyl roof and walls gave the owner a sense it was waterproof. Obviously, waterproof is not any good if the structure is not designed right. 

    Another popup's center pole was sticking up in the sky over their flat roof. The water weight ripped the fabric from the center and the roof collapsed, but the walls were standing. Wind was not a factor at this show. 

    So, as important as waterproofing is, water puddling is an equal issue. Use pool noodles or a hula hoop in all corners to prevent puddling. By the way, my first tent was a cheap one from Sams. The roof never puddled so this problem with the Euramax took me by surprise. 

    • Which model Eurmax do you have ( that you’re not happy with)?

    • Which Eurmax do you have?

    • Our Undercover has a center peak that is adjustable to create a steeper slope which helps prevent the puddling on the roof around the sides.  The pool noodles and hula hoops help with that, too but just twisting to raise or lower is easier.

  • I have an undercover which is much easier to  set up than our old ezup!  Haven't had any issues with leaking.  The poles are aluminum which makes it much sturdier than some of the other pop-ups.

  • I like my E-Z up. 3rd year of use & no problems.

  • I haven't used one yet, but the Duramax brand has 3 different price points that are waterproof and even the lowest seems pretty sturdy.  All are reasonably priced.  Also ABC has waterproof tents.  I've used one of the tops on my old easyup and it's very waterproof.

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