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Does anyone know anything about this festival? They have had my app and booth fees since April, and neither my friend nor I have received anything in terms of acceptance or rejection despite being only 3 weeks out.
The website states photographs of the work of participating artists will be posted in April or May, and we are waaay past that now. Curious as to whether it is time to file a PayPal dispute at this point.

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I have done this show for years. Acceptances were sent out sometime in May. Go to the website and send Lynne Crawford an e-mail to see if you are in or out. She is always a bit slow with updating the participating artists but it it is goid well run show. I got an e-mail acceptance so did you check your Spam?

BTW- it can get breezy there, you are at the north end of the lake, bring and use spikes and tie downs or really good weights.
I have sent her two emails with no reply and my friend has called twice regarding her application with no reply. And nothing in my spam either.
Hummmm. Not like her. How did you pay the fees? If by check--did the check get cashed? If by charge, it would say "Austin Harvard Gallery". I wonder if the app got lost in the mail. I have 2 phone numbers H-585-671-9102 C-585-737-9757. I would try the cell first. E-mail is Other than that I haven't a clue. Keep trying.
I paid via PayPal. Right now I am not impressed and am concerned. Calls and emails both disregarded. I am in Spain until the 11th, when I will return to NY. Our cell phones won't work here. Thanks for your response... I appreciate it!
I hope you resolve your issue. It is one of the better shows in this area.

There were similar problems for the Worthington Ohio show last year, Julie had some things going on and artists received everything late. So it does happen.

I wanted to make sure I updated this discussion by saying I discovered it was MY own fault that I did not hear back about my application to this show. I am not sure how it happened, but I sent it to the wrong address, leaving 'art' out of the email address where it was needed. I always try to do a cut/paste to prevent exactly that problem. So the organizer had nothing to do with my lack of hearing something.
That is why I sent you the e-mail address as I know I, myself have issues with e-mail addresses. I was really surprised the promoter would not answer back one way or another. Good luck in all your future shows wherever they are.


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