I don't know exactly what I have, but they look buff (six fit across the back of a 10' pop-up so they're 18 or 20" wide), two-piece, and 7' tall. (I purchased them second-hand.)

I'm looking for a few more running feet so I have some extra options for my booth. They are branded ProPanels on the back, but I don't see a size on the ProPanels site that's remotely close to as narrow as I have. I'd prefer a few more of what I have because they're narrow and easy to transport, but I'd consider wider.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Do I have something that's not made anymore? Or is really anomalous?

I've attached a garage-shot so you can have a look at what I'm describing. Note that the tent isn't full height (support bars splitting the ProPanels because I couldn't raise it all the way because the garage ceiling was too low) so don't use that as a gauge for the height.

PIC_0118booth fullSMLR.jpg

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  • Update...I called ProPanels - it's something they still make. 

    Still looking for second-hand if anyone has. 

  • Not sure if that is your booth jury picture. If it is, the camera needs to be raised up to almost eye level and the work needs to be arranged more symmetrically. Also get rid of the easel and you only need one bin for the picture. Even if it's not a jury picture, get rid of the easel. Someone is going to trip over it at a busy show.

    And thanks for the compliment....

    Larry Berman

    • That's my jury picture for now. A confluence of sideways events influenced even the level of the camera in that shot. It was way less than the ideal location. I'll have another shot before applications go in that will be done outside - and the wall loadout is three iterations better. I appreciate the advice, too. When I get a shot I'm satisfied with, I'll engage your advice further if you'd be willing to comment. 

      But I posted it in order to show what seem to be my odd panels. 

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