I'm looking for some extra sets of ProPanels Cable Hangers. Anyone have any that they're not using?

I have a set of three Flourish Mesh Panels for 8' Trimline Walls. They were used for two seasons, and still have lots of life left in them. A couple of the plastic buckles have broken prongs, but they are easily replaceable and cheap ( 40 cents a piece at http://www.flourish.com/trimline_replacement_parts).

Would be happy to sell them, or trade them. Would consider ProPanel Cable hangers or Dark Grey Print Bins towards the trade. 

I'm in the Chicago area.


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  • Hi Josh! What color are your panels, and how much are you selling them for?

    Thank you!

    Kat Walsh
    • Hello Kat,

      The mesh panels are white. They are the 8ft height panels. Flourish sells them for $600 new without the stabbers. I think that $375 sounds fair. What do you think? Are you in the Chicago area?



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