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I've been checking this and other platforms for any indication as to what people's thoughts might be on this topic.  So far, no one has even mentioned the subject which, will have an enormous impact on us all.

So, here's the question.  How many of you are going to wait until the last minute to decide, and how many have already made up their minds?  Seeing as how there is a lot of time, energy, effort, and money involved, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this matter.

As for me, I'm still deciding if the risk is worth the reward.

March 16

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of the artists that responded, as well as the ones who read my question.  Since I initially wrote my query, the very point of it has become mute.  We are no longer facing a decision as to whether we wait or not.  States, in many cases, have made that decision for us.  They have initiated bans on large gatherings, ordered that bars be closed, restaurants will be required to offer only takeout service. We are far from being alone in this.  In the next few months, this decease will affect virtually every walk of life.  The question now seems to be one of, not for how long, but for how much!

There are a considerable number of shows who still feel that because their shows are later in the season, that they will hold their shows regardless, that this pandemic will have played itself out. This may be true, though the fear that has arisen will still be there. Combine this with the effects of a catastrophic downturn in the stock market, which, economists are now saying, may bring about a recession.   I have a show in upstate New York scheduled for the beginning of June that has stated that they will proceed as planned. Other shows have chosen to postpone their event. While this might work out well for them, it does little for the artists who have assembled their schedule. Changes in time, dates, distance, and logistics can bring about a less than stellar result.

As we stand now, we are in artistic limbo, a limbo where no one can give us workable answers as to when it will end.  Hopefully, we will all come through this.  One can only imagine on a creative level, how this will affect not only the type, style, and depth of our work but our reasons for doing it.


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This I on my mind also. I literally made my first decision based on the virus yesterday - I decided not to apply for another show for the summer, thinking “should I really be filling my schedule up so much?”
My fear is less “will they show up” than “will shows be canceled”. But if people are going to be encouraged to avoid crowds that’s not good for our business.

I'm also more worried about show promotors cancelling shows just because they got worked up by watching the news. (last year was the first time in 30 years I've had a show cancel out completely due to weather, questionably, so now of course I think all shows are going to cancel on me lol) I won't not do shows, and buyers are so fickle now that the wind blows wrong and they don't buy so it's always a risk on that end imo, but I'm definitely dreading handing out all the money for shows and having that all just disappear.

As far as actually catching the thing, I'm mildly worried about my older father and stacking up on hand sanitizer, but most shows are outside with decent ventilation and I'm the one who mostly deals with customers, so crossing fingers lol. We're all probably more likely to get into a car crash anyway. 

I have a Sugarloaf show in Edison, New Jersey next weekend and I'm worried about it also. But too late to back out now!!!

good news is the person who was suspected to have it at bayshore hospital has tested negative.  keep your fingers crossed that we survive the week.

I'm more concerned about the Stock Market. Folks have lost much moolah this past week. Seriously doubt these folks are thinking about purchasing art. Stay healthy everyone.

Since we don't know when (or if, possibly) it will hit, I have been holding off on canceling, but am concerned.  Shows, travel... it's always something.

With us, it's always about the money, the money we spend getting ready, booth fees, and travel expenses are always at the forefront.  With the stock market in freefall, the fear has become more palpable.  Should this fear become panic, then trivial pursuits such as art shows seem like they'll be one of the first casualties.  The next few days should be a good indicator as to the general public's reaction to this crisis.

We are headed to two back to back shows in Oregon and Washington starting this Thursday. I hope people still come. Bring hand sanitizers and fingers crossed.

I’m not sure that the virus is being hyped or not. It’s about the same death rate as the common flu just being talked about more, and messing with the stock market.

Have you done these shows before?  I'd be very interested in attendance this year versus last year.  What's the mood of the crowd, and lastly, did you lose money, break-even, or come out ahead?

Yes, we have done these two show for the last 4 years. I won’t know if there is any crowd or money lose until I do this years shows. First one starts this Thursday. Fingers crossed it all works out. 

Best of luck!!

Had a choice of indoor show or outdoor and applied for the outdoor.  As the guy trapped in a crowd for 3 days, I would feel safer this summer with air flow.  Cut back # of shows 20%.  Remember 2008


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