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Does anyone know of any websites or programs that offer a way to virtually set up your tent/wall display? I have all sort of sizes of paintings and its like a giant puzzle moving them around during set up (and can take several hours), but if I could find a way to virtually do it before hand that would save tons of time!

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Draw it on graph paper and cut out the scaled sizes of each painting.

I have a web site where you can do a virtual jury presentation and test different combinations or orders of images, change the background to simulate ZAPP or JAS.

But I've never seen a virtual booth design.

Larry Berman

Oh I've done that, just figured it would be faster on the computer (ya know, assuming I can find the right program)

Any program that lets you do scaling on a grid.  I am very cheap so I don't buy much software, I use Google Sketchup to do booth design from beginning to end.  It provides 3 D modeling so it is probably overkill and there is a bit of a learning curve.  If you are only doing one wall at a time you can use it but this would let you do 3 walls and "walk your view" similar to using streetview on Google Maps.

 I am including a snap taken from my most recent run at booth design that was used to figure out how many shelving units to buy.  I am also including a picture of my current booth so you can see how it related to reality.  Since you won't have to build up the image for the shelving units it should be much simpler.


That looks great!  I'll have to give it a shot.

I just bought some software online, "HGTV home and landscape".  Within this program you can build walls, and import your own paintings into the room.  I could be wrong, but I think it scales to fit the space.  I actually wanted to build a few rooms to show people what my work would look like hanging in a furnished room.

Note of caution here; there is a bit of a learning curve with this program.  I don't know how computer savvy you are, (I am husband is the techno geek in our family) but it does take time to figure out how to use.  I am too busy right now to train myself, but am hoping around December I will get around to it!  The bonus here, is that if you ever build a house or do any landscaping, you can use this program for this purpose. 


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