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Hi, gang.

Do you have or do you know of anyone that has a used, programmable Jewelry Kiln for sale? I'm located in Michigan.
Lois Anderson

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We bought ours from Rio Grande and it was $995.00.  It holds the temp. great for our enamel work or whatever else we want to do.  Our main media is Jewelry & Rio has a wide selection & they really stand behind their products if you have any problems. I am not sure if this is something I would want to buy used-especially a programmable one. Their phone # 1-800-545-6566.  We have the Rio Model 1000. They have other Models for less $$ that would work just fine for Jewelry too. Good luck to you!


Thank you for your reply. I understand the potential problems with a used kiln, but I would be looking to do business with an artist I trust. Certainly those on this list qualify. I have a low (very low) budget for this purchase, soooooooooooo I am hopeful that I can find a motivated seller who just wants to get the used kiln out of their studio or basement. Otherwise, I am going to try to get an add-on controller for the kiln I have. A Kiln temperature controller can be added-on for around $200. I'd really like to get a front opening jewelry kiln if possible. But, if the luck of the Irish does not come to me ... I guess I will have to go with a controller.

I got one. WOW. God does provide. $350 for a brand new, never used, still in the original box Rio Grande Kiln SC2 Model 703117 by Paragon Industries. Along with a lot of accessories (kiln furniture, enamel powders, gloves, safety glasses, wire brushes, artist brushes, firing pan, carbon, kiln wash, kiln paper, and more.) Nothing has ever been out of the original box. The fellow who purchased everything had a stroke before his purchase arrived and then died shortly thereafter. His widow just wanted to get rid of everything and offered it to me for $350. She is happy to have the money and the "stuff" gone and I am ecstatic. 

WOW~you are lucky & your timing was "just right!!!"  Now, enjoy & as Rio probably told you, if you have questions, their Technicians are super~you can call them anytime!

Lois, how did you find out about this lady who had the kiln? Just curious.

I put the word out about what I was looking for to everyone and anyone; like AFI, local Artist groups, local craft groups, and friends at church. Well, one of my friends at church mentioned what I was looking for to anothe lady at church and this lady with the Kiln overheard her. She called me and the rest is history. And get this ... the lady with the Kiln lives less than 5 miles from me. Like I said ... God does Provide! :-)


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