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I have seen discussions on this topic that are old. Does anyone have any recent experience or recommendations on selecting newer cargo vans? I am a two-dimensional artist that has outgrown his 2017 Chrysler Pacifica (140 cu. ft. storage). I need a larger cargo van that will still fit in my standard two-car garage. Or for those that have large vans, where do you park it if you can't leave it in your driveway (HOA rules)? Thank you for any input.

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We have a 2016 Mercedes Metris, little brother of the Sprinter. Fits into the garage easily. We had been driving a Honda Ridgeline with a trailer for some years when we lived in the country and had the room.

Perfectly happy with the van. It's reasonably priced.

Thanks for your recommendation, Judy. I looked at some Metris vans today. They are really nice. Perfect for my needs. Unfortunately, I found out I owe more on my Pacifica than it is worth, so I may have to wait a bit. Did you buy new or used? Also, which model and wheelbase did you buy? 

If I have to go the trailer route until I can afford to switch to the Metris, do you have any recommendations or tips I should consider? I thought I could park the trailer in the garage and leave my car on the driveway (not ideal). Thanks so much for your input.

We have a basic model, Metris. I bought it new and I think it was the first year that it was in the US. It has been in Europe for some time, believe it's called a Vito over there. I see few on the road. We were at a rest area with ours when we met another couple that also had one and they showed us how they had added a window and transformed the interior for travelling/sleeping. They were very happy with it, and were driving from NJ to CA. 

My trailer was a 5 x 8 I believe, not too large so we could maneuver without too much trouble, also could fit into a garage. It was good to have for extra storage space. 

Some basic maintenance on the Metris is a bit higher than on other vehicles if you take it to the dealer.

Thank you for the info. Judy!

The Mercedes Metris looks like a great vehicle. Searching online I find 2016's for less than $19,000 with low miles on them. That sounds like an excellent type art fair and touring vehicle. AWESOME! I bet more will become available due to COVID-19 business and money losses. Sad, but probably true. Thanks for posting about yours, Judy, and Al for the topic to begin with. 

You are welcome, all!


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