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Hello all, been an insider artist for several years. Appreciate everyone’s assistance year-round. My question is are any of you familiar with festivals with a focus on self-taught or folk art ;not fine folk art like $500 baskets but Folk Folk art. I ask because my art is mixed media, mostly stained glass ungrounted mosaics. They contain jewelry, antique Cracker Jack prizes, beads, and natural earth elements such as gross slices, shells or rocks. They are all framed images intended to be illuminated from behind (preferably in a window) though people do hang them on the wall. Anyhow, certain people are drawn to them. Some are not. I liken them to Children’s Highlights mystery puzzle where you were to find all the items in a picture, in my cAse while waiting for a shot at the doctor’s office :). I used to attend a show called Good Folk Fest in Louisville but it was not an annual event. I have shows in SE and SW Ohio where I do well. I’m looking for anything almost anywhere to at least consider now that I am retired from my teaching gig and making art full time. Any help is appreciated. You can find me @A Mother’s Work Folk Art Studio on FB to check out the work. Cindy

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I would love to attend something like that whether as shopper or with a booth!

Hello. The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore has an annual show  around Thanksgiving time. You may want to check this out.

Thank you! I was just there two weeks ago for the show Parenting: The Art Without a Manual. It was an incredible show and I know my work would be well received by audiences which appreciate such work.

Look into Kentuck Festival in Northport, Alabama (right next to Tuscaloosa, AL). It was created to feature outsider art and still has a heavy focus on true folk, self-taught artists. It's a great show that lots of collectors make a point of attending.

Thanks! I am familiar with Kentuck but have never applied nor been due to distance. Maybe this will be the year.
You may or may not be aware that there are “outsider artists” at most art shows. I myself have been approached by a gallery owner that specializes in collecting international folk/outsider art. Their interest in my work is that I do not have an art education and my work is distinctive. That doesn’t just mean cheap work. If you google outsider art, you will find information. I was surprised to discover outsider art is a large market. The shows I am aware of include gallery reps only and are in major cities, like NYC, Paris, etc. I have a client that buys at those shows and from me as well.


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