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Hi folks! I would like to know what other members have experienced regarding this situation.
I applied via ZAPP to a Craft show in New York last year that was cancelled. I understand that the promoters are not required to refund application fees, but I did inquire by email about a refund anyway, and the contact/administrators of the cancelled New York show promised several times by email that the refund would be mailed "next week". The same 2 people are administering the show in a different city which is a huge success, apparently. So, this is not really a fly-by-night organization.
Most recently, this same organization is joining forces with a major and highly-regarded Crafts organization which publishes a magazine 6 times a year.
How to handle the lying and brush-offs? It would be different if I had been told when I contacted the show, "no refunds". But - that was not what I was told.

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Call ZAPP and tell them.
Here's the phone number 888-562-7232

Larry Berman

Hi Larry, I did make ZAPP aware of the situation last year. They basically were no help.

Hi David, I can understand your point.  But, have you had a similar situation?

I must agree wholeheartedly! The artist community is quite vulnerable to being taken advantage by promoters due to the long distance relationship that is generally required. If there is an honest complaint against a promoter protecting them makes you part of the problem. Dependance on feedback about shows and promoters from fellow artists you trust is an integral part of the artist community.

I did the Brandywine Arts Festival in Wilmington, DE for about 25 years.  The show was sold to a woman named Jamie (forgot her last name).  The first year, she neglected to pay $8,000 for the location of the show.  After she received application fees for the second year show, a few weeks before the show date, we learned that she was not able to get the location back and scheduled the show in a new location in PA.  We learned a week later that they too, refused to give her the location.  It ended up that the show was to be in a parking lot of a foreclosed factory in Hokessin, DE.  Needless to say that most, if not all, artists would not do the show and requested a refund. She canceled the show, stating that the artists backed out.  She took off with the money, $360 from about 250 - 300 artists.  She stated that she couldn't refund the money as it was used for advertising (a sign and a very unimpressive website).  A few people paid with a credit card got money from the credit card company.  Those who paid with a credit card a year before the show date (with a significant discount), or by check were out of luck.  My credit card would not refund as it was too long after the purchase.  To this day I have not heard of any legal action against this woman.

The show was taken over by someone else.  He said he was going to make it more artist friendly, but he raised the jury fee and, I believe, the booth fee after the first year.  I decided not to do it.  I heard that the first year was good but the second was just average. 

OK Folks. The big reveal: the cancelled show in NY was the One of a Kind Show, the contact people are Lisa Alcantara and Kim Runner, and the Fine Craft organization that One of a Kind - Chicago is now working with is the American Craft Council.

I do not think that Kim had nothing to do with the New York show. Did you call Kim? She always had been very good with the artist and very few people can complain about them. Yes booth fees are very high and you do not make as much as money as you hope but who does that now.

Hi, Oscar, I called and emailed both Kim and Lisa numerous times. Kim handed me off to Lisa since per Kim, Lisa was handling the New York show. My posting has nothing to do with booth fees, it has to do with Application fees. Lisa Alcantar is the one who promised to refund the Application fee on several occasions by email, and never did.

Julie please email me or friend me. I need to talk you outside the forum.

I know is not about the booth fee.

Sounds like the thankfully defunct J&Co, Jamie Hendrix.  I did one show with them and it was horrible.  I heard later that the award checks bounced.


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