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Hi there, I am a total newbie here, so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but here goes.   I paint both landscapes (seascapes, really) and city scenes. Both sell well (through Facebook and other avenues online) but they are very different stylistically. Very Vibrant color is the tie that binds. Should I separate the collections in my booth? If so, how? I have a three panel wall that Is pretty versatile so I could maybe split my booth with it. or should I display them together? I am about to do my very first fine art fair, and I don't want to look too much like an idiot! I have submitted what I consider to be a disaster of a Booth shot to a few more shows, because I am at a loss as to how to properly display my work and deadlines hit with total disregard for my need for more time ;P 

some things I will do for the next shot:

  • take out the sign (I did edit out my business name for the jury-but I think I'm going to take it out all together, though I really like it :(
  • Paint edges of canvases (I just can not afford frames just yet-blew my money on the tent and such)
  • take the picture when the sun is not so bright (this is hard in Orlando-but I'll wait for the right day)
  • watch for glare on the paintings
  • fix wrinkles in my fabric! (duh, how did I overlook this)
  • I will remove all portraits and all other paintings which are not seascapes or city shots.

I am a painter, Not a designer, dangit! Anyhow, please be gentile because I KNOW my booth shot, well, it sucks. But If you have some advice about how to display my work in a way that will help people want to look at it, I'd love to have the help! Putting on my thick skin now, fire away ;)

I'll post the new booth shot once I have a chance to take one with the above fixes and any other improvements you kindly suggest. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Oh, and in a lot of the shots I've seen on here, the work is all the same size...not all of my pieces are the same size, in fact I work on canvases from 3"x3" on up to 30"x40" so for jury shots should I only display the larger pieces? How should I display the little baby sizes?   Is it OK to only have the large pieces in the jury shot and have the smaller pieces on display at the show?

Actually you have strong vibrant colors in all your work. But I'd recommend hanging the booth much more symmetrically and not cut off the edges of your paintings when shooting the booth picture. Read my article on how to photograph your booth:

Larry Berman

Hope you don't mind, Gretchen, that I added your booth shot into your post. (There is an easy tutorial on how to do that up above if you click on "Get Started.") More of us will look if the image is in the post rather than an attachment.

That being said, yes, do remove the sign. It is, as you know, way too bright and the color is washed out. It is okay to have different sizes of images. Set it up and rearrange and look at it through the viewfinder of the camera, always. It gives a much better perspective.

Two styles? That is tricky. Maybe one style on one side and the other on the other side of the booth. Or choose which one you think the judges will like the best. And simplify the number of images you are showing. Think "gallery" and make it look as classy as you can.

Hey, thank you so much for the input, I did read many of your articles, Larry, what helpful info! and Connie, thank you for pointing out how to add pictures into the text here. OK, so I have set up my booth again with better walls now, This is not my Jury shot, but to show with changes in place, more to you think I can make this work?

For jurying take that bunched up black fabric off. And move the camera over so you see more of the right hand wall.

Larry Berman

OK, here it is, simple, only the city art, no distractions, maybe this will be better. 

Looks much better but if this is still a work in progress, the top of all the paintings needs to be at the same height. And the canopy walls need to be seen under the panels on the back and left. That would eliminate the distraction under the walls.

Larry Berman

Will do, Thank you again!


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