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Have amassed a body of work that, from going to shows locally, seems at least comparable.  Thought I'd like to try a show to see if there is any interest in the work from the general public.  I've applied for several shows (Zapplicaton) without being accepted.  I don't have a booth shot, because I don't have a booth.  I submitted a booth shot from off the web with the works photoshopped in but even with that, I was not accepted.

Maybe the work isn't good enough.  (I've attached a few pictures submitted with the Zapplication application.

Any suggestions, thoughts?

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Your paintings need to be photographed better. The first one looks a little out of focus and the third has uneven lighting. And the styles look different. Not having a booth picture and not having done any shows only puts you in a position to apply to shows that have an emerging artist category, because if accepted they supply the display.

Basically you need to find someone to work with that will give you honest advice.

Larry Berman

Thank you for your candor.  I'm in the position anyone starting a small (tiny, itsy-bitsy...) business, I suppose:  how much "capitol" do you invest on a chancy outcome.  I guess I wanted some sense of whether the work is the sort that might sell.  Of the shows I've attended, few have more than a couple of abstract painters.  Do my mine measure up?  Well, in my own view, they do; they'd be about average for quality/professionalism, etc.  And I imagine getting better at what I'm doing...

But that is all very subjective, such candid observation as yours help a lot.  Better photographs, more stylistically consistent portfolio, and a good booth shot; that sounds like the ticket.

Thanks to all for you help.


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