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Yes, I have indeed read all the other posts about tents. I've been at this for days (thank you for all the great information everyone!)

After reading, and reading, and reading, it seems to me that for photography a Trimline tent with mesh panels is going to be my best option.

Does anyone disagree? Does anyone have a Trimline tent and/or mesh panels and are NOT happy with them for any reason?

I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision, since the set-up is not cheap.

Thank you so much!

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The covers do block the air, yes.  I don't know about the black mesh, never used it.  I think that would depend on your work and (if you are matting it) the mat color.  Better ask someone else about that!

You can see my new "booth shot" with the mesh panel covers here. If you read the caption text, you'll also see a link to my previous booth shot with the plain white mesh panels. 

Oh yeah - Impressive! The gray does make a huge difference! I'm surprised that it does, since it's quite a light color of gray. But the difference is remarkable. And I also agree that the larger pieces make a difference as well.

Beautiful work!! Those are amazing shots!

This all helps sooo much. Thanks for your efforts.


What color did you get? Thinking about that upgrade also. I have trimline also the mess panels. Like you said I'd buy it again love the setup but didn't do the back door wished I had looking to get that and a french 4' wall to add. Later Mike

I went to the Flourish site to see the "French wall". Great idea! I like it a lot! The only negative is that it still doesn't allow for big pieces on the back wall...

you said: " still doesn't allow for big pieces on the back wall"

I am not sure that you're envisioning this correctly. The French wall unit comes in 3 or 4 ft widths. I use a three ft width. By placing it a few feet in front of the backdoor it creates a screen, hiding the clutter that gets exposed by a back door (store fronts, etc) and replaces the display area that was lost by the door. With this, you still have 7ft of back wall space. Surely you don't have pieces that are more than 84in across. As I mentioned before, the back door option gives me access to inventory but also, and maybe more important, this is where where I complete transactions. I do not want to be wrapping frames and bagging matts among the patrons who are trying to view my work. Few shows give you enough space out front to do this and I do not want to plop myself directly in front of my booth and thereby defer traffic and eyeballs away from my neighbors. This will be a quick way to make enemies. So the back room becomes important to MY business model.

That said, I much prefer a corner booth (cost more but worth it). With a corner booth all the solutions above are not necessary. But, not every show offers corners.

Okay - that all makes sense. No, I wasn't envisioning it right. My largest piece is 60 inches - so there would be more than enough space. And I can now see that having a place to complete transactions is so important!

I really - really - need to get out there and go to a few shows and observe. The problem is most shows around here don't start until June. I guess a trip to SC to see my daughter is in order! There's got to be something around her neck of the woods soon...

Again, thank you thank you thank you. The help is invaluable. 

Does anyone know about the "Showoff" brand? I just found them and they look interesting.They DO have colored mesh walls!

Good to hear! Thank you for the feedback. I have just one question - I see that Showoff uses aluminum while Trimline uses steel. Has your Showoff been through bad weather? Do you think it is as strong and sturdy as a Trimline - or is strength one of the trade-offs for having an easier set up? Thanks Charlene!

It does help! Thank you! Seven seasons is a good long time - so that speaks highly for Showoff. I am also having a very difficult time deciding on Propanels or Mesh, so I appreciate your comments. I do very much like the idea of being able to add light bars and other accessories...

I also have a Trimline Canopy.  Try calling Flourish Company when you have a question.  I've called them on several occasions when I've needed answers about my canopy or their products.   Several of their employees are also artists who use their products so they are extremely knowledgable when it comes to our inquires.  There is no pressures to buy anything they are all about customer service and they are delightful to chat with!

Great customer service - another BIG plus. Thanks. I will definitely call them.

I seen a post regarding the "transparnecy" about the mess panels. The one thing I did was purchase standard, normal tarp side panels for my tent and just zip them on the outside and this does a good job of blocking the view of all the outside "stuff".  Might be a thought if any finds that a problem.


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