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Trimline canopy 10x10

Easy riser kit

Single carry bag for walls

Mesh pole bag 65" - (2)

Great weights - set of 4

Tie-down screws (4)

10'x8' Center zip wall

Awning - 54" (3)

Awning zipper strips 8' (4)

Awning cloth 30" (2)

Corner awning cloth 30"x54 (2)

Corner awning cloth 54"x54" (2)

32 1/2" double snap button / awning pole (4)

Bought extra bags and 2-ball wrap clip thingy's

Used at a dozen shows, all in great shape.

In Lake County, California.

$2400 original price, asking $1,800

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Still available?

I might be interested (not the weights, but everything else). What would you guess the shipping would cost on this?

It's a big bunch, where are you. I'll work with you on shipping - I'll be moving in a month or so and these would have to be stored.

I'm in MASS. About as far as I could be lol. Let me do some investigation to make sure I'm serious before you go looking into it. Will update. Thanks!

Sounds good!

Hello John,

How much will cost to ship to Teaneck, NJ, I dont need weights, May be it will be expensive with weight.\

Thanks. please email me photos if you have any, at or text at 814-494-6679

Hi Sayeed, I'll have to gather and weigh everything to get a price. Right now I have a project on my big bench so it could be a bit before I get it all together. I'll show photos then. I'll send photos of my booth up but assume you're wanting images of it ready to ship.


I just got a quote to ship a similar rig (minus the weights) which is about $300 incase that helps. I think that's the UPS price.

Thanks so much Dave, that helps! I'd cover $200 of any shipping.


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