I have the canopies, side panels and poles for 10x10 that can be expanded to a 10x20.  Havent used it in a while.  Has some issues, small hole in very top of 10x20 and zipper coming un-sewed for about a foot on one of the panels.  Been stored well but was used for several years so it has the normal wear you would expect.  If and when I get the chance I will set it up and get pics.    I live in SW VA.  Cant ship but will travel a reasonable distance to help with delivery.  price lowered to 900 obo!  

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  • Is this tent still available?
  • Hi Brian,  I'm interested in your Trimline.  I live in Louisville,KY. Could you travel to somewhere in Kentucky to meet me?  Would it fit in a Ford Taurus or do I need a larger vehicle?  I would probably have to rent a UHaul. Would you take $800 to help me pay for gas and U-Haul rental?  

    Can you put the Trimline up by yourself?  I'm not 100% sure about this -- need to think about it a little.  I look forward to your reply.

    Sherry Clark



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