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I guess I'm looking for some moral support from those of you who  travel  ALONE

maybe 500 or more miles from home  to participate in shows.  I'm single and retired;

I have the flexibility to travel, but I cannot get the courage to do so.  Family and friends all have other commitments such as work -- and driving 700 miles does

not fit into a  week-end  schedule for them.  I really do want to venture out beyond the local shows and perhaps combine a trip to a resort coastal area with an art show.

If any of you  travel solo (long distances requiring overnight stays), I'd  love to hear

from you. I need some inspiration to move forward because I'm stuck in my comfort zone, evidently.

(I did post this request in another spot -- but being new to this site, I think I entered

it in the wrong "discussion." My apologies.)

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This is only my 3rd year of traveling. I'm always apprehensive about it but once I get going I love it! I try to not travel after dark, especially if traveling through remote areas. I listen to talk radio and bring CDs for those areas where I don't get reception. AAA maps are useful because the towns with AAA approved lodging are highlighted. I have stayed at smaller motels and hostels and this year, for the first time, I tent camped for a couple of shows. I often drive through very remote areas so I keep my tank full, carry plenty of water, bear spray, flashlights, and a can of fix a flat.

I've almost always had other artists offer to help me set up my canopy and I even had a neighbor couple at a campground show up and helped me load in! Take your time and you'll be fine. Don't be afraid to ask for help. If it helps, plan it out. Know where you're going to stop, what route you will take, any side trips you want to take between shows...

I've been traveling alone pretty-much since the beginning and thoroughly enjoy it.  I love my wife dearly but, she and I don't travel particularily well together - especially in a car.  I enjoy the ability to stop when I want, where I want and take as much time as I want.  Of course, it's a bit different from a woman traveling alone and that's unfortunate.  I've found that the two greatest aids that have come along in a long time are the GPS and audio books.  The advantages of a GPS are obvious but, for me, the greatest way in the world to pass the time is in listening to audio books.  I've "read" more books in the past year than I have actually read in the past five years of my life.  I recommend it highly.  One can sign up to a site like "" and have access to every book you've ever heard of and many that you haven't.  And, there's no better way to make the miles fly by faster - especially when you driving through some area like East Texas (I live in Texas so, I can say that).  A lot of times I'll drive until late at night, pull into an overnight convenience store or rest area, sleep a couple of hours and take off again.  But, again, a woman has to be a bit more careful with things like that.  Sounds like you're being well-prepared and taking the right precautions.  Hang in there and just enjoy the sights.  View your trips as mini-vacations away from the phone, the yard, the neighbors, etc., etc.  Drive safely and enjoy the "down-time".

I am new and just starting out...but as for traveling alone...I am inspired by all who are over 55 and making this journey.  If any have looked at my new profile...I travel many miles storm chasing each year...some of that alone...but I always have my trusty concealed carry permit (and the "iron" to back that up :) ) with me.  You may consider getting a ham radio as well...this gives you extra sercurity with access to emergency responders and very rarely will someone mess with anyone who has a radio mike in their hand.  I will spend the extra mu-lah to stay in a nicer place and you actually can bargain with them on price...even at a last minute notice.  I am looking forward to this adventure of the show circuit and if you are not hindered by fear but by merely the thought of going it alone...GO FOR IT...we only make these rounds once in our lifetime and the exciting possibilities around every corner who can pass that up?  I am thrilled to read all of these posts of inspiration and I hope they lift you up to help you make a decision.


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