Hello! I am new to the art show community. Does anyone have any recs for transporting 30x40 and larger metal prints?

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  • Welcome!  I hav two suggestions:

    For the actual transport, I use large 64 or 70-gallon totes from Home depot and Lowe's.  Generally the wheeled ones.  However, for some larger prints, I find that the unwheeled totes have just a little more space.  You should try to find a couple sizes, and see what works.  30 inches is a little "tall" for this solution, but as long as you are transporting it carefully, I don't think they would fall out or anything.  

    You will want to use something to protect the bottoms and all sides of the prints.  I am using used 1-inch yoga mats from Amazon.  (I cut them up and doubled on the bottom).  The remainder is used as "bumpers".

    Finally, Frame Destination makes Gallery Wraps, which are giant "envelopes" made from pop-free bubble wrap.  I am using these to store prints in the off season, as well as to transport them to shows.  MUCH better than every stupid DIY solution I tried along the way.  Depending on your prices, you could concievably use this as shipping or customer "bags", though that is a little wasteful, and they are roughly $25 each.   They will send you a free sample - be sure to order 3-inches up (33 X 43, for example) for each print size.  

    Good luck!

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