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I have an ABC Canopy which is a pop up style. If I were to put mesh walls up, do I need stay bars at the top and bottom? Or does the top secure to the frame?

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Depending on the mesh panels.

If they are the Flourish Softwalls. You do not need upper stabars. Only the lower as well as the corner brackets. the Softwalls have hooks and cinch straps that attach to the top frame rails.

You have to tell Floursih which tent you have ie. single diamond or double diamond as well as make and model.

Thanks for the info Larry.

I have a Vitabri pop up tent and use 2 mesh panels. I chose to use the upper sta-bars because I like the design of using the mesh panel hooks and having a completely straight pole to fasten them to instead of the frame rails. It only takes an extra couple of minutes to install the upper sta-bars and for me it is well worth it.

The mesh panels will also fit my Trimline as far as height goes...but the pop up is narrower in width and the Velcro fasteners for the legs have to be adapticated to reach the Trimline legs.

With this method your mesh panels can be used regardless of what tent you have now or in the furure

If you tell the people at Flourish the type of pop up tent and that you want to use the softwalls with a trimline also, they will sell you the correct softwalls to fit both tents with no adaption needed.

Pop up tents are not all made with a standard width. Some can be almost 5" narrower than a Trimline while others can only be an inch or so different. At a show I talked to different artists with different brand tents and mentioned the comparison I wanted to do prior to ordering my mesh panels.

They had no problem with me measuring the width of their tents. I was surprised at the size differences of what each manufacturer calls 10 x10 ft.

There is no "one size fits all" without adding a bit of Velcro to extend the size. I cannot take a full sized set of mesh panels for a Trimline and put it on most popups without having a snug and wrinkle free fit. Entirely too loose and that is why I sold my original mesh panels made for the Trimline and ordered the ones I now use.

If you tell Flourish the exact tent, they will get it right. They have for me and everyone I have recommended to them. Mine fit my Undercover tents and my trimline beautifully. No wrinkles... no extra velcro.  Perhaps the particular tent you are thinking of wont work. I certainly don't know about a lot of different tents.

I use an easyup with Flourish mesh walls. First couple years I just had bottom stabars on 3 sides and top stabar in back to support convertible wall with door. I could see where adding upper stabars to the sides would allow my framed art to hang better. I am pleased with the additional upper bars not only for hanging art without a sag but this makes the whole setup more stable in big winds. I can add cargo straps and weights to the upper stabars on outside center-wall in a big wind. It worked to reduce movement of wall at a couple shows.

I was wondering if my 7 ft mesh walls could be used if I upgraded to a Trimline. I don’t recall specifics but saw at art festival that they will not. So, check carefully if thats an issue.


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