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Hello everyone and Happy August.  I'm always extremely interested in Art, Artwork and the trends that people follow.

Love to hear from you and get feedback on what you are seeing out there at Festivals, Galleries, Stores and more.  Are people becoming more interested in Glass work, Wood crafting, Metal art pieces, Paintings, Gems or other items.

Thanks for any comments and have a wonderful day and always smile.


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Listen to people when they ask you for something. I had two guys ask me for holsters for S&W Shield (small Smith and Wesson automatic pistol) at Carbondale show. Two requests is unusual and it told me it is currently a popular gun.  I ordered a Blue Gun (training gun) and have two plain and two basket stamped holsters made up for next week's show in Estes Park. 

Yes! I do wildlife art, and when I have more than one person say they are looking for a specific animal, I'd be crazy not to put that on my to-do list of upcoming paintings.

Perfect, I have always followed my vision on Wall Art and Paintings and was doing pretty well. But I'm creating Abstract, expressionism, original different pieces that people say very cool and nice....when I could have created what they are looking for now and where all the interest is in.

I just started a new collection that is 200 degrees from my own personal style and taste but it's what I have heard from to many at shows that they wanted a more local presence and pieces and that they could relate to.

So thanks everyone for such interesting words and through's yet so true and meaningful.

Good stuff


Nice, very creative....I like that kind of thinking....listen and design and create items people want and what's the in thing.




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