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Hello everyone and Happy August.  I'm always extremely interested in Art, Artwork and the trends that people follow.

Love to hear from you and get feedback on what you are seeing out there at Festivals, Galleries, Stores and more.  Are people becoming more interested in Glass work, Wood crafting, Metal art pieces, Paintings, Gems or other items.

Thanks for any comments and have a wonderful day and always smile.


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I'm having a good year so far.  I am an acrylic artist and sell my paintings unframed on canvas.  I paint very fast, so can keep my prices down, which helps, I think.  My art is colorful and mostly whimsical. (  Sales for the most part are down just a titch at the art fairs here in Wisconsin, but I have been also selling online and have ventured into other avenues to keep the revenue coming in.

Wow, thanks so much for all the insight.  In the past I have had several commissioned pieces completed and a number of sales but it seems late 2018 the market has changed a little and people do want low priced items.

So good advice and keep doing what you do.

Thanks again, David

What are you contributing to this conversation? What have you experienced? 

Hi Carol, and thanks for the reply.  So far at Art festivals many of my small Acrylic paintings just on Canvas like 12" X 12" have sold and wood or metal pieces have sold.  But I'm seeing more high end pieces people say wow beautiful piece but can't purchase right now.  

So what I'M hearing and seeing in the market is design, paint and create much smaller pieces at a lower price point.

Thanks again, David

Happy Thursday Carol and thanks for sharing.  I totally understand your world and caring for another person.  I was a caregiver for 12 years to my wife who had Alzheimer's.  It's one intense road.  

Also I agree with what you said, as I have been working on my Gallery for over three years now and intense amount of hours late at night put into every piece.

Have a wonderful week and I hope you find a little time to enjoy a moment of piece.


Belt sales are always strong: people gain weight, loose weight, and buy cheap Walmart belts that last a couple weeks.

Holsters: people are still buying guns and prefer leather holsters to nylon etc.

Flasks and canteens: people are still drinking, especially at music festivals

Wallets, Billfolds & checkbooks, credit card cases: people still have and spend money

Dog Collars and leashes: upgrading for fido

Horse Tack: horses are expensive and most horse people spend money when they find quality. Horses are always stepping on and breaking $100 braided reins LOL.

Everything else (journals, folios, etc.): gifts and personal rewards.

Hi Richard, Super good advice and feedback.  I like leather, wood and metal and I can see you have wonderful insight into what people want and are interested in.  Very cool, and did not know much about people who have horses and their needs and interests.

Keep up the great work and thanks so much


Hello Terri,

I just went to your website.....wunderbar !!! every painting makes me smile.

Your prices are very,very low, I guess that is your recipe for selling so well.

I made the same experience here in Santa Fe,NM.

People are buying art again, after "having no wall space" for so many years in the past, but they want

art that is cheap,cheap,cheap....well, we know how to paint

love and peace


Thanks, Heike!   Yes, so I guess my point was that I do "Wall art" and it seems to be selling well, but again, my price points are on the low end.  Terri

Hi and another great point.  Thanks for the feedback on Wall Art.  I do a couple of wall projects a year and I love doing them.  But I'm talking a higher end priced set of designs.

So I think once again, price points are the key to success.  Keep prices in line with buyers wants and needs.

Thanks, David

Hi Heike, and I think we are all in agreement that designing, using canvas, wood or other and painting pieces that you can keep in a great price range is right now a road to success.

And I think a focus on Local items such as landmarks, people, beaches, lighthouses, barns, bridges, etc. that people can relate to for a good price is good.

Thanks, David

Wish I knew!  Then I wouldn't have to have such an extensive inventory!


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