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Good morning!  I'm doing my first art fair next weekend and would love to get my bearings beforehand! As an artist, I really like small paintings.  All of my paintings are until 5x7inches, with my newer paintings at 4x6.  I've made true to scale, color, and quality prints of 4x6 paintings but I worry that they are so small that people won't want to purchase them for $16 each. (also, is $16 a weird price? I love this number)  I put them in a 5x7 frame/mat and plastic wrap so you have an idea of what they would look like on your wall.

I just love small scale paintings, it's cute and delightful to me. I guess I'm getting anxious before the fair even starts.  I should probably just wait and see!  I have enough time that I could probably order larger prints, but my originals are 4x6 inches anyways!

Should I just focus on having a lot of inventory?

Have you seen artists with smaller paintings/work?

Here's a link to my instagram! These are more sketches though, not finished product. For that I'd look at my Etsy. Here's a specific example of the product I'm referencing. 

Thank you guys for your feedback!

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Can't tell if your pricing is good without knowing how much an original at the same size sells for. But in general, especially when selling smaller reproductions, pricing with a discount for multiples works very well because people usually need more than one (think three) to fill a space.

Larry Berman

I want to try 1 print for $15, 2 for $25, 3 for $35 and see if that works!  Or has your experience been to limit the deals?  Also - originals go for $68.

Then just price them $15 and $10 for each additional.

Larry Berman

Brilliant! thank you so much for your help Larry! :)

I have not seen many artists with only small work. I’m worried that if you are charging 16 dollars, you won’t sell enough to cover costs and make a profit. If you sold 50 of them, which to me is a lot of individuals who want to purchase your work on one weekend... 800 bucks... covering “all” costs... I just don’t see a profit even if the best case scenario plays out.

I guess you will know a lot more after a few shows. Maybe it will work out. That’s the biz we are in...

Hello! Those are for prints.  My big concern is that my originals are too small to sell in general.  I sold one at the last art fair.  I priced originals at $68 for labor and materials.  I think I'll just try to market myself as niche paintings for bathrooms and kids bedrooms.

Hello Lydia,

I was on your Etsy site and I like your little paintings a lot.

I am just wondering if $16 for a print is'nt too much.

I sell a lot of double matted 5x7 ORIGINALS for $10.

The double mats are black and white and I got them long time ago at "" for less than a $ each.

I don't know where you will sell your work, I just hope for you that people have more money there than here in the South-West.

Have a great show!


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