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VERY suspicious of this.

I just got a postcard invite today to apply for this.

They call it 'not your average arts festival. A one-of-a-kind shopping experience, Shoppe Artisan showcases a curated collection of distinctive, handmade products chosen from thousands of independent makers throughout North America.

 BUT..They have categories such as Office & Tech—office gadgets & accessories, charging devices, 3-D printing products, leather covers & briefcases. 

A one of a kind charging device?

This offends me as an original artist.

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It's rather an underwhelming website, with lots of "coming soon" place holders, and all of the links to the categories going to the same "what you'll find" page with a hastily thrown together shopping list of categories.

I'm also put off by the assertion that it features "your favorite vendors from Grommet, Etsy and Pinterest" - Pinterest doesn't have vendors. This may be a well meaning woman putting together a tasteful show, but the slap-dash feel of the site would put me off. 

I got their email too. I sent them a reply asking for more specifics on the show and never heard back. $1300 for a first year show with no real details about it? How about no.

There is no listing of any people signing up on their website. Lets see who will be first...

Ironically they sent me an email requesting me sign up this week. Then I got a phone call and a 'like 'on my face book business page. lol. Irony.

The gal on the phone might not have realized that I started this thread but I did let her know that I was absolutely NOT interested. Then told her the reasons why  not.

I think their advertising is deceptive, which I also told her, since so many categories are far from 'original , handmade' products as their promo suggests. I told her I will tell every artist friend I know to run from this show, especially with the extremely high booth fee for a first time show.

NO NO NO. RUN people.

It is shows like this that in my opinion are ruining the art show scene for the true one of a kind artists.

oh btw Greg. Yes I agree that I cant imagine many artists signing up for this show but I just got ANOTHER email from them saying how they are getting 'tons' of artisan requests to sign up.

I cant imagine. Tons?

Methinks they lie! They still don't have a single artisan in their Artisan Directory, or one scrap of info on all their "At the Show" pages. I bet they wind up having to cancel it.

It's shows like this that are diluting the show scene and making everybody, artists and attendees alike, bored by the whole show scene. I feel like lately every single show has bowed to economic pressure and focuses on quantity over quality. Show producers just sign up as many vendors as they can, and don't care about quality. I did the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit last weekend, which is supposed to be all "made by vendor" stuff, and the vendor next to me was selling imported African clothing, bangles, drums, etc. Not her creative vision, just churned out stuff. Very disappointing.

AMEN Ellen. Im wondering why they have a huge ad on this site? :( I thought this site was to support art and artists. Im disappointed and might not come back here.

OH, my god, we could discuss this for hours!

Didn't realize this show was advertising on this site. It's a double edged sword - I can see that, in order for this site to provide all the resources it does it has to earn revenue, so I can kinda understand them not vetting the ads too closely. And really, it's not like this show is so different from the rest.

But it's so frustrating. I spent several years dreaming of when I could do what I call the "real, grown up shows" like Art Rider, etc., and now that I'm just sort of almost reaching that point, I realize there IS no point! I was so psyched to get into the Washington Square show, which has been around 85 years, and which I grew up knowing about. I really was excited. Then I realize it isn't much of an accomplishment at all. Probably just as well - it's not like I have that much skill or experience, and might not have gotten in otherwise! But it just seems like there isn't anything to shoot for, to work towards. And that it's all gotten to be ENTIRELY about the booth fees for the producers, and not about the art.

Sigh . . .


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