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Typically at art shows, artists take breaks in part to grab a bite to eat. They usually do so discreetly. I for instance grab a fruit bar or a sandwich I brought with me and stand behind the back of my tent by an opening and if a visitor comes in, I put what I'm eating aside or my wife greets the visitor instead.

At the last show I was in there was a booth down my row of a painter. She and her husband had set up a medium sized table with chairs under a parasol right in front of their tent with an entire dinner's worth of food and drinks.

I thought it was rather amusing but also unprofessional as visitors would most likely not want to walk in their tent while they were eating lest they disturb them.

Seeing this spectacle I casually approached them and asked: "Would you like to see the wine list?".

The husband smiled and said nothing. His wife was not amused...

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Bari, that is one thing I have never seen!  LOL

Usually we do as you do, eat discretely behind or next to the tent.  Usually I have dh and dd with me.  Often they will go grab a bite to eat wherever it's being sold.  Then they will bring something back to me, or if it's slow I'll go over and eat the run back to the tent.  Well, I don't really run.  That would not be pretty!  LOL  Usually we bring things to snack on in case we have a hard time getting a way.


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