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The Square is a free swiper that plugs into your smart phone or ipad. It is easy and has few fees, BUT it seems too good to be true. I have serious doubts & want to hear from others about this company and machine.

Has anyone here have experience with it, or has researched it or? One downside is that they will only deposit the 1st $1000 in your account and hold anything above that for a week or more. (This is a shifting # so I'm not sure what it is currently.)

Comments, thoughts, experiences?



url to them if you want to see:  

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I have signed up and received the square and done a test run with my own card - posted to my account within 24 hours.  Went ahead and signed up for the free Intuit swiper but have reservations.  We use Intuit for my business now but they can always add or increase fees - decided it was like applying to art shows - double book - cancel if you have to later.
Great resource.  For those who don't do shows every month the monthly fee can eat you alive.
Square just eliminated the 15 cents per transaction fee for swiped transactions.  Now it is just a flat 2.75%.
Does Square charge a different % for affinity (rewards) cards?
No. Simply 2.75% and no ther fees. They dropped the per transaction fee for swiped cards. Most folks get a higher rate with affinity cards which are about the only thing I see. Who has a credit card that isn't linked to some kind of rewards program?

We get lots of European tourists around here in the summer. If they carry no US issued credit cards, I understand Square won't accept them. Has anyone had an experience with a non US cc & square?

It looks like I'm getting my Samsung Fascinate (Verizon) tomorrow. I got my square in the mail a week ago.

That's a good question!  I'd like to know also since I had a non-US based customer at my last show.

This is in response to Gary Haynes post above about comparing the cost of a Square with standard merchant accts.

Notice that they don't add in the cost for the iphone/android phone or the monthly data plan. I guess they're assuming EVERYONE already has one. I didn't until today.

I just ordered an Android phone (Samsung Fascinate), justifying it by comparing the cost of a merchant acct, gateway fees, wireless terminal purchase or rental, wireless fee with the Verizon $24/month data plan (Home Depot employee discount), & $20 phone price (certified pre-owned - $40 minus $20 coupon code).

BTW, whenever I shop online & see a field for a discount code in the payment page, I do a search for "coupon code verizon" etc. is usually at the top of the search. If they don't have a good code, no one does.

Has anyone had any swiping problems with their Square? Do they take a swipe first time thru? and upload with no problems?

I'm also interested in anyone who has used it several months to see if you still like it over time?




No swiping problems though I have heard of that.  Will probably order an extra swiper module.  I don't think they charge for the extra one.  Mine swipes first time through and if you have a connection you are good if you get all the way through the transaction.  If you don't have a connection then it is knucklebuster time and you manually type in the info at a later time.  Pay 3.5%+15 cents instead of 2.75%.

Well I had my first Square experience over the weekend.  I had no problem practicing at home (paid myself $1).  Unfortunately, at the show, I didn't have internet connection via my iPhone (no one else did either and that is the first time since I've gotten my iPhone that I couldn't access the internet).  On Saturday I only had 1 credit card sale (SLOW show), so I took the information and was able to manually key it from home no problem.  Got a confirm email within minutes and then got a 'deposit' email today.   No credit card sales on Sunday (again SLOW show).

So, bummer that I couldn't do the cool real time processing from the show, but it is still way better than my old method for several reasons.  First, it was no more work than my prior knuckle buster, enter into the terminal when I get home method.  Second, that is my only show of the month and the stupid monthly minimums/statement fees with my old processor would have made that a very expensive sale from a credit card perspective.  As it is, it cost me 3.5% plus 15 cents (because it wasn't swiped) and that is it.  If I don't do any shows in April, it will cost me 0.


Obviously, I can't comment on the $1000 deposit thing, but after that show, not having quick access to the money beyond $1000 would be a problem I'd love to be dealing with right now.

A fellow crafter I spoke with at show yesterday had one, she loves hers! They also work with LG Phones. No fees til you use it, and the fee isn't very large. She only does a few shows a year, so it is great for her. I will be checking into this for myself. Square, Inc.



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