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The Square is a free swiper that plugs into your smart phone or ipad. It is easy and has few fees, BUT it seems too good to be true. I have serious doubts & want to hear from others about this company and machine.

Has anyone here have experience with it, or has researched it or? One downside is that they will only deposit the 1st $1000 in your account and hold anything above that for a week or more. (This is a shifting # so I'm not sure what it is currently.)

Comments, thoughts, experiences?



url to them if you want to see:  

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Update on my Square...It's not supported yet on the Droid 2, but it works on my hubby's LG Vortex.  They're adding updates to supported devices and you can find the latest on their Twitter or by emailing them.

I've received my square reader but haven't been able to make it work with my new mytouch 4G on T-mobile.

I've confirmed with the bank account on the withdrawal deposit so don't know where to go next but this forum has given me some suggestions.  Last resort to see if it is compatible with my version of Droid or it is a faulty reader. Thanks for keeping this ongoing.  My current processing fees and monthly fees were eating me alive since I don't necessarily have business activity every month. I will miss my great wireless unit I had but I can't afford that luxury in fees.

Caroline, GoPayment is supported on your Droid 2. Similar to square. I can mail you one. Go to Made by Intuit. Two payment options. 0 monthly fee or $12.95 per month with a lower % rate. Depends on your cc sales per month as to which one is better for you. On another note. I went to your web site yesterday. We're kindred spirits! I love rocks too. Rocks rock!
I always wanted to be a rock star when I was a kid, but not quite like this...I will check out the Gopayment website.  For now, the Expo is running all sales for us, so it's not immediate, and if I did need to run my own sale, Square works on my husband's LG Vortex.  It's not even listed as a supported device on the Square website, go figure.

Just in from the Verizon store, the AT&T store, Geek Squad and TMobile......... too much information! 


Bottomline I did not want a contract.  I loved the new Galaxy Tab but according to the Square website it does not support the "Square".  Although after much searching I see the Tab supports all Android apps.  No one tech at the Verizon store would go out on a limb and say if the Tab would accept the square.  

Also the $20 monthly fee for wireless hookup seems much more reasonable that the $65-$70 monthly fee for a cell phone.  (I have a trac-phone for emergencys)  

wondering if anyone has used a Galaxy Tab with the Square?  

Thanks so much for any help.  Seems as though any decision is going to be expensive. 

Connie posted a killer machine paysabre-they have no underwriting -startup problems like Square- BUT Square just got 25 million so their funding and flow should increase-- THEY HAVE UPSET THE MOBILE INDUSTRY- we will soon see lower , new rate structures thanks to square-- DO NOT SIGN ANY LONG TERM CONTRACTS--  you can get great rates from many providers- do the research

They have!  Here is a list from Square's site of their currently supported devices:


you know I saw that on their website but could not an answer from the Square folks or the the Verizon guy if the Tablet was part of the series.  Geeze I don't want to get married I just want an answer......... 

Reporting in on the "Square".  Trouble in paradise......


After reading rave reviews and really digging deep I decided the square was the best way to go.  No contract is what really sold me.  

Arriving home from the Verizon Store after plunking down $700 for an iPad and wireless service.  I attempted to load the app for the "Square".  Got all the way to the end of the process and my screen read: DENIED VERIFICATION.   You are kidding!?  I have excellent credit, survived identity theft, and am working in the black.


After emailing them since last Friday and getting no reply whatsoever.  I am looking at other alternatives.  

and yes I have tried "tweeting"  square support.  I have read their blog and their website.  

"If you think we made a mistake email us"  I did, several times as I find this pretty upsetting.

Did I press a wrong button?  Did I mistakenly enter wrong information?  I have no idea.  

It makes me very uneasy that someone who has a direct line into all my financial information doesn't respond 

for days on end.  

I am now seeking other alternatives


I guess for some this is a great thing but boy after spending a frustrating weekend and hundreds of dollars

I would think twice.  My first show is the end of Feb. in Naples and I am wondering if credit is really necessary. 


At ACE in Chicago last year I let over $3000 of pots walk.  Every single person mailed me a check within a week.  

Maybe I will put my faith mankind and nix the credit cards completely....... 


Sandy Miller

Sandy, give Intuit's GoPayment a look see. Free card reader. No monthly fee. 2.7% - 3.7% with a 15 cent transaction fee OR go with $12.95 monthly fee with a !.7% -3.7% rate and 30 cent transaction fee. If your avg. credit card  sales is over $1,000.00 per month it's more cost effective to go with the monthly fee. Go to
thanks Dann, giving them a call now.......

sooooooo Dann,

I am sitting here for a good 10 minutes and nobody picks up the phone.  

maybe you can answer my question.  


I don't use a mobile phone very often as I am dyslexic and spend most time in my studio.  I go on the road exactly 6 times a year.  If I buy a Droid on a month by month or pay as you go plan; will your plan still work?  

I really don't mind paying the higher interest as over the length of a year is pays to go month by month.  The shows are high end; Craft Boston and Naples National Art Fair etc..... 


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