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I personally want to thank you for this web site. It's true value is in it's information and consistency, which often gets overlooked. I know you have a healthy fear of becoming irrelevant and fading into the past. You have nothing to worry about. There are things that I wish were different, like bringing back Munks and Holly. I think the arguments and the heated issues made people think. That is never a bad thing. And, really, people take comments too seriously. Being attacked is fun. It gives me the right to attack back. I don't think there was ever any malicious intent. Maybe it comes with age, but, I could care less what someone thinks about me or what I say.

But, I digress. I haven't posted much lately. When I come here and look at the site, I see that consistency that I mentioned. One can count on some good things, here.

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I agree. I clicked the LIKE button before I even read what you had to say, BB.

I attacked you in Nels's thread recently, but you didn't see it, or you chose not to comment. I wondered why you are still doing Ann Arbor since you said others didn't have the balls to quit it. I read your rant you referenced in Nels's thread and then came back to his and posted about what you wrote.

I like some heated exchanges as well. I'm comfortable here and I can stand the heat. I like AFI, too.

Thomas Felsted, a.k.a. ?, It's time to stand up and be recognized for who you really are. What's your real name? And now, you know what's coming next... WOOHOO!

I am sure Connie will like to see this.  However, we love to read your stuff Barry.  You should write more.  I really enjoyed the 3 part post you wrote a while back about the pottery class.  I looked forward to seeing your next installment.

Barrie, I had to go look and see what you said in that thread. I did read it but I just laughed. That's how people should respond to any attack. All these people who are afraid to express themselves. I don't get it. People whine and say be nice but when they are alone with themselves they are blasting away. You can get ulcers, keeping it inside. 

I, also, talk from time to time about being addicted to certain shows and intermittent reinforcement being the best way to get someone to do something. I don't think I used the term "having the balls to quit" doing it. I probably phrased it a different way. Hey, Nels swore he would never go back and we both still do it. I probably should stop doing it. It has a different meaning to me because we first went there when I was 15 years old and it always has had a certain mystique about it. Plus, in my neighborhood, you weren't considered a good artist unless you did Ann Arbor. People I meet still ask me if I do it, even though those people stopped going there many years ago.

OK Got it.

What I was referring to was the cumulative action of every artist. in mass, boycotting the Ann Arbor shows one year to make a point. We as a group do not have that kind of commitment, perhaps. If I did that myself it wouldn't have any impact. 

I might have exaggerated the point. It was the year that the weather reached 106 degrees and my brain was fried. It was just after the show.


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