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Packages are in the mail and arriving at their destinations across the U.S.! Keep an eye out for the mailman if yours hasn't arrived. We have a record number of Santas this year, over 50! They've been having fun plotting and sleuthing to find the perfect handmade gift.

What to do next:

Post images of your received gift here. We want to see the creativity and scope of the imaginations of our members.

  • the best photo/gift combo wins a prize. This year's prize is a handmade pen made with real bourbon barrel wood as a gift from AFI, made by member Joel Lockridge

  • (as I told you I stole this idea from - this link will show you the Reddit giftees showing off their gifts)

Santas, how is this working for you? I'm open to suggestions for improvement.

Thanks for playing with me!

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So sorry to hear about your Mom...Since losing mine 10 years ago, I have learned that  you can move on, but you never actually "get over it"....Glad the gift got there in good shape...I hope you enjoy using it....  I have been and creating mosaics for about a year, as a way to use up some of the tiny little pieces of glass left from stained glass projects.... hope you like dark chocolate.

Many apologies to my Secret Santa. I have been away since Dec. 19 and returned yesterday and finally got to see my gift from Cindy Aune. I asked for vintage and received this, which as you can see fits my home exactly:

Also, an original painting, which now hangs proudly in my gallery!

I love these gifts (as well as a very unusual bookmark -- how did she know I read, a lot?) Thank you, Cindy, for your thoughtfulness.

Yes, this is me, Connie Mettler. I have several alter egos on this site and actually at it seems. Somehow I ended up there with two Santas, and sent and received two gifts! AFI is a passion of mine and I so much look forward each day to meeting people here and reading about their experiences, so I'd guess you'd say these gifts I receive through this exchange are so greatly appreciated as they represent where my heart is.

This is very late but let me shout out a hearty THANK YOU to my secret Santa (Deidre Nabors, I presume) for the wonderful blown glass wine stopper! It is beautiful and much appreciated!  (it even looks good with my front yard)   Darrel

Posting this for Kathy Clausen who didn't know how - hope I do!  She can comment if she wants to.

finally getting a pic up of my FABULOUS Secret Santa gift- it is loved!  THANK YOU!!!

Robert Wallis sent me a wonderful notebook and a photo from the Cumberland Gap in Kentucky. I have a lot of memories of Cumberland from my college days, so it is already framed and hanging in a special place in my office. The notebook will be invaluable as I expand my art endeavors. A perfect set of gifts!

I hope I am not late posting this.  I am a terrible procrastinator, but my Secret Santa was not.  Paul Garrett sent me this pen that he made out of acrylic.  I had said I liked things that were useful, and he did not disappoint.  I love the color also, and it's especially appropriate for Christmas!  Maybe I will hang it around my neck at shows.  I especially liked that he sent along a little sample of the acrylic that he makes them from.  I would like to learn how to make cabochons, and I'm guessing this is sort of a similar process.



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