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Thank you for the contributions to our 8th Pledge Drive

Another year, another chance to shamelessly ask you to send us money. Many, many thanks to these people who have heard our anguished cries, many who have contributed every year:

Friend: Carol Joy Shannon

Supporter: Joel Lockridge (the first one - way back on 4/19!), Elaine Waldsmith, John Jassy, Gail Lane, Elizabeth Hester, Lorraine Costello, Karen Couture and Keri Ippolito.

Kathryn Nidy-Cukier, Marusca Gatto, Pat Steck, Janet Muchnik, Ralph Sharp, Dorothy Samel, Edward Browning, Janet Nacu, Ethel Anthony, Carol Faith, Susan Kovach and Marc Lamm.

Pam O'Brien, Shelly Drew, Natureation, Laurie Leonard, Margie Luttrell, Donna Lashof, Kevin Knittel, Cindy Griselda, Deborah Wright, Tammie Everly, Kelly Dunlevy, Robert Mathie and Karen Angstadt.

Janet Hubbard, Jeri Vitello, Paula Haynes, James Flood and Jane Shaffer.

Patron: Nancy Sher, Deborah unvaldsen, Claire Renzetti, Al Pellenberg, Kathy Winterburn, Melanie Rolfes, Hollie Graze, Beverly O'Daniel, Heidi Barron and Pat Falk.

Angel: Patty DeMaria, John Desalme and Richard Sherer

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More pledges have come in --- we appreciate this support and promise to spend it wisely!

Friend: Theresa Jankowski

Supporter: Barbara Scraggs, Judy Zeddies, David Grabarczyk, Joyce Wathen, Wild Goose Gardens, Layl McDill, Anne Metcalfe, Bobby Hair, Laura Bundesen, Debbie Stillman, Jeff Goodwin and Greg Little

Josh Merrill, Christine Lush-Rodriguez, Elucido Glass, John Houle, Veronika Willard, Randi Shenkman, Pamela Couch, Ann Anglim and Donald McDowell

Patron: Deborah Schlosser, Cindy Miceli, Christina Smith, David Starr, Wendy at, Leslie Jordan, Susan Walicki and Christina Villa, Carrie Jacobson

Thank you to the following friends for their support. I particularly loved this sweet note: 

Connie, I find your site to be informative, helpful & enjoyable. Being able to share & learn with others is invaluable. Keep up the good work. As our community of artists participate more, we will grow and bring the level of our shows, ever higher. Larry Sohn

Supporter: John Leben, Qunique Enterprises (Larry Sohn), Jeff Owens, Howard Clark, Lu and Wally Fuller, Bridget Tremaine, Jan Gussin, Bill Nardin, Marty Blackwell Duerr, Charlotte Hall, Denise Johnson and Susan Hohman.

Linda and Steve Bean, Jean Handsome, Karen Hollister, Beads by Jackie, Susie Brindza, Amy McMurry, Karen Metres, Beth Clouse, Donald Reed, Nancy McCune, Maija Steele, Nancy Falco and Victoria Masterson

Kelly Henderson, Diamond Hill Visual Arts Studio, Susan Ryan, Kristine Ritter, Michael Thomas, Marianne Shepardson, James Floyd, Carol Bloomgarden and Kathleen Clausen

Patron: Lucia Fredericy, Robert Johnson, Kim Jernigan, Alyx Morgan, Suzanne Krongold, and Jill Banks

Angel: Whynot Farm on Snow Creek and Al Scovern

This is the last day of the pledge drive -- we'll be drawing the winning names at 6 pm ET today. 

Thanks so much to all of you who pledged most recently:

Friend: Laura MacNaughton, Carol Barron

Supporter: Laura Soetebier, Sherry Talbot, Gioria Isackson, Alison Farkas, Barry Bernstein, Susi Schuele, Jane Goffe, Mint Springs Designs, Todd Perkins, Lorraine Lauer, Walter Harper, Susan Hoekstra, Stewart Casper, Joseph Kubinec, Peter Jenkins and Sue Mooney

Rosalind Henderson-Mustafa, Linda Dockery, Dians Sieger, Janet Vanderburg, Robert Rebeck, Earl Hunt, Jerry Dowdle, Carol Brink, Patricia Roney, Heidi Mandick, Kimberly Haag, Peggy Roeder, Paula Lawrence, Carol Knox, Rich Horner and Robert Wallis

Clyde Smith, Larry Kroll, Denise Rollings-Martin, Ellen vanHully-Bronson, Suzanne Brown, Thomas Borener, Tom Feltes, Amy Fletcher, Rich Horner (again!), L. Z. Aurand and Charlie Pfitzer

Patron: Yankee Peddler Festival, Roberta Starbird, Kristin Collier, Kristine Hruska, Charles Schmidt, Rosemary Wilhelm, Barbara Lee, Candiss Cole and Andrew Shea

And the pledges keep on coming! So many thanks to the following:

Debra Cobia, Betty Barrett, Patricia Venaleck, Geraldine Katz, Dean Myron, Loren Photos, Liz Mitchell, 1550 Art, Judy Rohrbaugh, Sue Wood, Victoria Jackson, Nat Clymer, Glenn Martin

This is so exciting -- I've never won anything before!

well, didn't you get a lump of coal at Christmas?


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