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Looking for a tent-- have been advised to go with a trimline or light dome tent. Any one have any advice? Thought the light dome was a no brainer but it looks like putting up a trimline might be easier in spite of the weight.

Can anyone explain how/where to use tent weights and how much each weight should be?

Some people have suggested tractor weights --and although they are expensive, packing space is an issue in the car and at home. 

Appreciate hearing your advice. I am new to out door shows. 


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Can't resist adding what we used: Sand bags that are used in cinematography. We carried about a dozen of these. Each weighed 20 lbs. These are professional weights used to steady film equipment. What is good about them:

  • Compact, waterproof,
  • easy to carry (they have a strap across the top)
  • adaptable to all kinds of situations
  • store anywhere because they are flexible
  • fit into any corner of your vehicle, stackable -- add as many as you want to each leg of the tent
  • won't hurt your neighbors tent if there is a storm
  • We attached them to our tent legs with large S hooks; quick to install

You can get them at photo supply places, Walmart, Amazon. Come in several sizes, starting around $15@. 

Thanks Connie! So many good options!

The other option:

I am alone, I work my booth alone. Therefore I am always at my booth.

I eat way too much, perhaps boredom, due to lower show turnouts?

Therefore I've gotten fat. Hence I weigh alot.

If the winds blow, I just sit on the staybars :-)

Unless, of course my tent and I wind up looking like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz....What a ride  ;-)

Oh yes, so true, Larry.

Other options: if there are people in your  Booth when the wind comes up make everyone stay in the booth and hold onto the tent. Tie your bins to the tent. At night pull your inventory into the middle of the tent and use bungee cords to attach it to the tent. When the storm comes up during the show use your bodyweight to hang under the tent.

The follow up, after the storm has passed, (and during) use the opportunity to talk to the people trapped in your tent and don't let them out until they buy something.

I've done sales in a dark tent in Colorado afternoon thunderstorms. Talk about a captive audience,LOL   20 minutes later everybody is out and shopping again. 


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