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I found this today while researching the Columbus Arts Festival:

The Columbus Arts Festival has introduced new regulations due to weather related incidents, EZ-Up and accordion style tents are not allowed for use during the Festival.  Any violation to these rules will result in the removal of the exhibitor.


The Columbus Arts Festival is currently working on a required weight system. This section will be updated as information is finalized.

I know the weather wreaked havoc on shows last year, do you think more shows will do this? 

I am entering my third year of art shows and still have an EZ-UP.  I use PVC weights and concrete blocks and have been fine so far.  But haven't seen any really nasty weather...Just how much is enough weight?  

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News travels fast, thanks for the info Jami!

Happy New Year Jami! Okay, the next big question, How much is the tent rental? And what sizes are available? Just a little confused about the phrase "long section of weighted tents"? Does that mean individual tents, or one shared long tent? Thanks.

It sounds like I won't apply, rental tent or not. I've used heavy duty EZ-Up tent frames with John Mee canopies and third-party side tarps, and have been through several Hundred-year thunder storms and 60+  mph winds. I've applied common sense, used plenty of weights tied down securely, and cross braced the frame so the legs don't slide. I've had Light Domes and Craft Huts around me buckle and collapse. Appropriate inspection by a safety team could solve many of these problems in advance, instead of singling out a particular type of tent. The real problem is that the EZ-Up and the lighter versions are frequently purchased by newcomers who don't understand the severity of weather conditions. Focusing on that would be the more appropriate response.

Robert, my first tent was an EZ-Up purchased in 1993 for $750.00. I also purchased a John Mee top the next year for about $300.00. That tent lasted for 10 tears and the John Mee top is still good, no leaks or puddles, ever. I have another kind now, but that old EZ-Up is still good. I had to break it out of storage last year when my Light Dome took off during set-up, it worked perfectly.

Yeah, those older tents had a steel frame and had about 6 more inches of headroom. Mine would still be going if I hadn't loaned it out to some one for a driveway sale and they didn't put enough weights on it. It was flipped and destroyed.


Are you talking about the EZup Brand ... or ... EZup Type tent. For example I have the commercial version of the King Canopy that is an pop-up type tent. It is built stronger than the EZup brand. I use 50 lb weights on each leg and my tent and canopy go nowhere. The only problem I have had is someone who did not properly tie down and weight their booth ... it took off flying and landed on top of my canopy with the legs tearing through my roof. (We now call the owner ... "The Flying Tent Lady" ... she paid for my replacement canopy.)

Just wanting to be clear. Thank you in advance for your response.


This is really fun!! This is what I'm talking about.  A show representative entering into the discussion to clarify an issue.  I don't remember if this was real or I dreamed it, but, I really liked how it worked out with huge tents with artists back to back in the tent.  Each section was like a little community.  There was enough space in back to hang out and socialize. Are the booths going to be on the city side of the Scioto River or the museum(?) side?

So a couple questions--I believe the tent rental is only $50 (for the duration of the festival) but please let me clarify that next week--Shana is out for the holiday and I'm still getting up to speed on a lot of the little things :) The tents are still 10 x 10 spaces (or you can pay for a double or a corner, still with the rentals I believe) and they are all in line so there is no covered space behind to hang out in, as you're describing Barry.  Due to fire lane restrictions and the site layout there isn't really a way we can do that anymore I don't believe.  There will be artist booths, food, beverages and entertainment on both the city side and the COSI of the river with our two new bridges as the crossings. 

That's a reasonable fee,$50 for the duration of the show. If I could rent a tent for shows for that low of a fee,I'd just rent,not purchase...

Winter Park's tent supplier is charging about $175.00 show special plus set up is another $75 for set up. For that much I could just  triple it and buy a I did...

If you're considering renting a tent for any show. make sure to find out what kind of tent it is because most of the rental tents are heavy opaque material that doesn't let light come through the fabric. If the show provides electricity than it doesn't matter but you will need to bring your lights.

I don't think it's worth renting a tent if you're going to sit with your artwork in a cave all weekend.

Larry Berman

I never thougth about that. I figured they do somethign that would allow light,being an art show. Already checkign onto lights. I saw a post ,,cant' find it now. Someone  showed a picture of a power inverter hooke dup to a battery , on a cart,for their power source?

Either that or I hallucinated it?

I found these battery operated LED track lights on Amazon that I'm going to try in a show this weekend - I'll let you know :)


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