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I found this today while researching the Columbus Arts Festival:

The Columbus Arts Festival has introduced new regulations due to weather related incidents, EZ-Up and accordion style tents are not allowed for use during the Festival.  Any violation to these rules will result in the removal of the exhibitor.


The Columbus Arts Festival is currently working on a required weight system. This section will be updated as information is finalized.

I know the weather wreaked havoc on shows last year, do you think more shows will do this? 

I am entering my third year of art shows and still have an EZ-UP.  I use PVC weights and concrete blocks and have been fine so far.  But haven't seen any really nasty weather...Just how much is enough weight?  

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 I think you're going to find more and more shows not allowing pop up canopies because of how bad the weather has been the past few years.

Personally I don't think banning that type of canopy is going to help but requiring cross bracing and a specified amount of weights for all canopies will be more productive. Besides it's going to increase the cost of applying (not to mention new booth pictures for jurying) by over a thousand dollars.

You can never have too much weight.

Look at the John Deere Suitcase weights. They weight 43 pounds and can be ordered from Home Depot and Lowes for about $50.

Larry Berman

Thank You Larry, these look promising.  Appreciate the advice.

Larry - this seems like an affordable option, however, I'm having trouble picturing how these would attach to a tent pole.  With all the booth photos you've taken, edited, etc. do you have an example that you could share? 

The black thing is not part of the weights. The opening can easily be attached to the stabar or hang from the corner of the booth and then bungee to the corner pole so it doesn't sway in the wind.

I've seen them at shows but have never seen them in a booth picture. Nels mentioned using suitcase weights. Maybe someone can ask him for a picture.

Larry Berman

I haven't done the Columbus show for 15 years, not since they told me I could park in a specific "artists" lot and then got towed.  That was fun, since the show closes late every night, long after the tow lot closes. However, to blame the whole thing on EZ-Ups is typical.  I have an unnamed friend who had a relatively brand new Trimline, with Pro-panels and he was at Columbus and he lost his whole booth and all his artwork.  And, he had lots of weight on his corners. If you read a lot of posts on AFI, you will find lots of comments where people with EZ-Ups survived and other types blew away.  The absolute best booth for artists isn't made anymore.  The original company stopped producing them. I think they retired, not sure.  They are now made by another unnamed company, but, the quality isn't the same. 

Hey, am I dreaming, or did the Columbus show, at one time, have their own huge tents that housed sections of artists? If they want to solve the problem, maybe they should go back to that.

Thanks for the insight Barry.  I was kinda thinking the same thing...if they could demonstrate that every single tent that was blown away was an EZ-UP, and that no EZ-UP survived at all, okay, I think that would be more understandable.  But from reading about it, there were a lot of other types that were destroyed as you noted.  I am eventually planning to upgrade my tent, but hate to be forced to to apply to specific shows.  Think I'll cross Columbus off my potential list even after I upgrade...

I don't want you to reject doing Columbus because of what I said.  From what I understand, they moved the show away from where it was when I used to do it.  I heard they are moving back to the old location.  I was thinking of applying. On the other hand, there are so many decent shows to do in June and July.  It's hard to do them all.  I can't see the weather being worse than it was last year.

Nah, I was basing my decision on their rules.  I am certainly finding that there are plenty of shows out there!  I'm trying to decide how far I want to drive for my first one away from my little bubble, and if I want to bag two smaller shows nearby to try for a really 'big' show.  Still crunching the numbers for a few more days.  As always, I appreciate the advice of the veterans! 

I had applied last year, but, didn't get in. I don't remember if I got wait listed, or just did not get in to the show. We have an E-Z up, and have used it for the last 16 years. We cannot afford to upgrade (with the way that shows have been going). Guess we won't be applying to Columbus any time soon. And, that's a shame, because I have some great new designs that I thought would really sell well in that market :-(. Oh well!!!!

I wonder what would happen if you applied with an EZUp display picture but planned on renting a tent for the show if accepted.

Has anyone actually attempted to contact the show for clarification?

Larry Berman

I emailed them, I'll let everyone know what they say.  Thanks

Thanks Larry, Barry and Becky for your input.  I want everyone to be aware....artists will still be able to submit booth shots for the jury process that show an EZ up.  And rental of Festival tents is available for those artists juried in who have EZ ups and don't have the financial resources to purchase a different tent. Most of these are essentially long sections of weighted tents along the lines of what Barry mentions above.

It is important to note that while other types of tents were lost in the storm last year the majority were EZups and in at least several cases the other tents lost were in a line of tents that started with the loss of an EZup (a domino effect essentially).  There is no one effective solution but we are trying this as a first step this year in the hopes we can make the site safer for artists, their artwork and our patrons.   We will continue to welcome your input on this and other aspects of the Festival. 

The Columbus Arts Festival is moving back to the Riverfront this year with an entirely new site plan--I think everyone will be delighted with the renovations the city has made on the Riverfront and Bicentennial park.  It has become quite a focal point of the city now.

Also on the news front, Leah Alters has resigned as festival director and moved back to Wisconsin. We will begin the search for a new director in January.  In the meantime, Shana Scott and I, Jami Goldstein, will be managing day to day operations along with our terrific coordinating committee, many whom have been with us for many years. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me at or Shana at with any questions regarding the Festival.

PS. Ann Marie, I hope based on what I've said above you'll consider applying this year :)  


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