can anyone comment on what type of weight you use for a 10 x 10 tent? Please provide photos of your set up. I have two types of weights. Bags which are filled with sand and also 3 foot sections of  4" diameter PVC pipe filled with cement each weighs 20 pounds each.  Do the PVC pipes get attached to the top corners and then just hang so they're a few inches off the ground?  Do the sandbags just strap around the base of the poles?



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    • 45pound bucket of water and PVC weights on 3 walls. Refer to engineering "force triangles"

      • Richard.

        Thanks for replying. Do you mean to say that the weights are tied to the corners which is then tied to the bucket somehow, to the bucket handle or what does that actually look like?

        • Weights strapped to bottom of poles, ratchet straped to top. I used duck tape first times.

          Ropes from corners tied to bucket and 4' high side wall support pole.


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