Has anyone switched from panels to Mesh?  Are you glad you did?  They seem like they would be easier to manage as far as a bulky, weight, lifting type situation.  I may have to do some shows alone.. do you need someone giving tension on opposite side or anything I should know ahead of time?  And thoughts on where to get the best Mesh panels.  Is Flourish pretty much the option or are there others just as good? I've noticed now there are covers you can velcro on.  Any thoughts on those?  I wasn't really thrilled with an all white or an all black booth so that idea intrigued me but I just learned that they even existed today- I've never seen them at a show.  Would just love all and any input you have.  Thanks!

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  • I use the black mesh walls from Flourish and love them. I hang large oil paintings and never have any issues with weight or sag. They are easy for one person to manage alone.

  • I tried mesh panels.  Really didn't like them for hanging paintings. I sold them and went back to Pro Panels. 

  • I have only used Flourish white mesh panels since showing.  I have an EZ up tent, and I love that the sta-bars add a level of stability to my tent.  The panels are extremely easy to install, and if you make sure to snug them up well before hanging your artwork, they should be very taut.  One person can easily install them and get them taut - there are straps that you tighten along the top and bottom after you have the panel hung.  I can hang an amazing amount of weight on the panels, also.  I don't know about other brands of panels, but the Flourish ones are extremely well made, and they are a very good company to deal with.

    However, the one thing I don't like about my mesh panels, as you mentioned, is that they are white.  I love the look of the various colored pro panels, and personally think the pro panels have a more professional and polished look.  Pro panels with a Lightdome tent would be my preferred set up.  But I do my set ups alone out of a Honda CRV, and also had limited funds, so the EZ Up with the mesh panels was a good compromise for me.

    While you can never be certain, I don't think it has kept me out of any shows.  I think most juries still view my set up with the mesh panels as clean and professional looking, and therefore, focus more on my artwork when judging.

  • I have used Flourish mesh panels for years and many shows, indoors and out, with success. They are easy to hang and square. When I had a Flourish tent they were the sidewalls for hanging art. Now I have an EZ Up and I use them on free-standing panels to hang translucent mosaics with lights behind them. They work very well in my 10 x 10 tent when positioned at almost diagonals in the tent. I use S hooks to hang artwork and the mesh doesn't deform. 

  • Have used Flourish tent and mesh walls for 7 shows displaying photography. Love the convenience and appearance of mesh wall. However, it’s difficult or impossible to adjust them so they are perfectly square. The metal struts at the top tend to slide out and the unfolded wall sags in the middle. As a result, it’s a major effort to hang frames level and lined up on a wall; and if you don’t use 2 hooks, the frames tilt every time the tent walls move with the wind. So it takes a few hours to set-up my 10x10 tent, and I’m constantly trying to level my frames.
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