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I will be doing my 1st Art show this month. How important is having a way to process credit cards?

I will be doing my 1st Art show this month for my pottery, how important is having a way to process credit cards and what recommendations do you have? I own an I phone does anyone know if that will work with an app?

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Read all the threads about using The Square. Open an account with them and they provide a matchbook size swiper that connects to the headphone jack of your smart phone.

Larry Berman
Thanks, I was looking at this and the intuit product.  Do you use the square?

ProPay is another option you can look at.  A lot of people are now using Square.  Keep in mind a purchase at a show is more impuls  so being able to take a credit card is always a plus. 

A question was asked about the email address for a Customer.  I find they are more willing to give you their card than their email address. 

You also need to keep good records of your sales to check against the information from your processing company.  Always get a phone number for your Customer, this way if you have any questions you have a contact number. 

If you plan on taking checks make sure the information on the check matches their DL add this # to the reciept and again make sure you have a phone number.  The issue I see with taking checks it may be easier for you to get a bad one.  That being said I have done shows for more than 20 years and have never gotten burned on a check.  Myself I think I would rather take a CC for a $800 sale than a Check for that amount.  But that is just me. 
Goood Luck. 

Very  important, few people carry cash or checks (and I have taken my share of bad checks).  Square as Larry mentions is a great entry into this world


Alternative to SquareUp is Intuits wireless solution. The dongle is available for iPhone.

We have the Intuit solution and have found it to work very well. Just invested in an IPad2 and will be using it with that device moving forward. It's very easy - has a great inventory feature and calculates sales tax on the fly. Customers love being able to sign the device electronically and it emails a receipt to them.


So do people mind giving you their email?

Are people concerned that somehow you have their credit card info?


One trend that I've noticed: People pay for work priced under a dollar in an economically depressed area with cash. When the cash is gone, they stop buying. Otherwise they pay with credit cards.
Not sure how that came out "under a dollar". Should have been under $100. And I take checks routinely for larger pieces as well. But when money's tight, the people who don't have much will generally only carry cash to buy with, and when it's gone, the buying does stop. The trend doesn't affect those with disposable income to spend on more expensive work. As Willie points out, those buying large pieces will spend the money if they like it, cash, check, credit card, or lima beans.
I use Square and I absolutely LOVE it.  Easy to set up, easy to use and the money is deposited pretty fast.  You can even set up an account and take payments manually (fee is 3.75% compared to 2.75% swiping fee) even if you haven't linked your bank account for deposits.  They will just hold the money until you have the link set up.  I also recommend getting a stylus specifically made for the iphone.  Helps with signing and your customers don't have to give you strange looks when you ask to sign with your finger....although some say "that's cool"
Good advice and I thank you all.
I have a Square and an Intuit GoPayment.  I got the Intuit as a backup to the Square and I am glad I did.  It was either the Square or Verizon service, but during one of my sales this last weekend, the Square said "square is currently unavailable, please try later"  So I was able to use the Intuit in this case. (first time I have seen the Square do this, but it happened to my artist neighbor too at about the same time. She had to use the show's credit card machine so got docked a larger percentage)


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