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I'm looking for the most  CURRENT, up-to-date   info. on the best, most efficient method of taking

credit cards as payment.  Until now I have only taken cash / checks.  It seems that more

often  customers expect you to take credit cards -- so I'm trying to find out from those

experienced with this how I should proceed. I do not have anything but a basic cell phone --

do I need an adroid? Should I attach a white box to it  -- or is there something else?

I often work alone, so I need a device  that will expedite the process.  How much of an investment

should I make in this.?  Do you raise your prices to off-set the costs?  Any advice will be appreciated.


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Square is one of the easiest ways to go. It's one of the reasons I switched from a more basic cell to a Droid X almost 2 years ago.  You can search on this site for all the many threads of information on Square.  There are other companies now that basically do the same thing, but Square seems to get the most compliments.  Customers seem to like it, too.  As long as you have cell phone service where the show is, you get an instant confirmation.  Usually the money is in my account by Tuesday morning. 

I don't raise my prices to offset the fee, but I think I'm going to set a low minimum purchase.  If less than "X" amount, there is a small fee.  Square does not have a monthly fee or minimum, so the fee per sale is really small.  

Nancy, I'm in the process of accepting CC & debit cards at my shows.  Really, this is all they charge?  I wonder why so cheap compared to all the CC processing companies out there.  I am a Sam's Club member.  Would I speak to someone at customer service about this?  Thanks for any guidance you can offer.

Don't overlook your local bank when getting a device. I went with Aprivapay for the following reasons take um or leave um:
1. Federal compliance issues, talk to your bank about Square
2. Same day deposit of all receipts,no holding large single deposits
3. Can enter card data with swipe or manually
4. Human voice for tech issues, my bank actually sent a tech down about 45 minutes from Denver for face to face problem solution.
5. $500,000 insurance if hacked etc.
6. Reasonable and competitive fees and rates
7. Downside was I needed an iPad rather than a phone, but it was a good excuse to get an iPad.
8. Don't like not having sale copy showing what sold to a client, but I have my sale log book for that. Receipt is emailed to client.
9 no problems getting signal in mountains,but everything went down with a close lightning strike.

I was working with my local bank for years, but all of a sudden they (BBT) started charging me a big monthly fee.  I already had Square set up and had tested it, but wanted to keep BBT for awhile longer.  Also, I only do shows about 6 months out of the year, and BBT wanted to charge me every month.  Needless to say, that account got closed quickly!

1) Talk to a Chevy dealer about a Ford!

2) I leave the rest up to your imagination?

Here is a link for the latest reviews of the mobile credit card processing. There has been a couple of new ones lately that look really good

I would suggest that you look at each one and decide what is best for you.  I personally use Intuit GoPayment with my iPhone and love it. 

One thing you have to remember when looking at information on the web about credit card processors is who is putting the information out.  When I went to cancel my credit card merchant account they told me all sorts of awful things about the Square, none of which turned out to be true.  Be sure and take into account startup costs like a machine and unless a flat rate is quoted you will rarely get the lowest rate.  Being able to turn off the monthly charge when you are not doing shows appealed to me but I found I never turned it off.  Even during the off season I get sales here and there.

So, just to clarify, you are in favor of the SQUARE?  You use it and are satisfied?

Absolutely.  My cc terminal died at a show and VistaPrint had sent me a Square as a promotion.  I was back up and running in minutes.  I've not had any problems.

My brother saw an ad on TV for Square (he lives in Columbus, OH).  I live in Jacksonville Beach, FL and called and told me about Square.  I signed up.  It was a cinch!  The little device fits into the audio jack on my Android phone.  It seems pretty easy, although I haven't actually had a credit card sale as yet, I've only been doing this since 2003 and actual large art/craft fesitvals since 2008.  I just obtained my Square devise about 3 months ago.  I recommend it so far, and they guarantee your funds will be in your account by midnight the day of your show.  I think the latter is excellent!

Items like the Square in my opinion will replace the terminal as we know it in a few short years. Terminals will go the way of the knucklebusters and only us old farts will still be using them.

I still carry my knuckle buster as a backup. Some of the new cards do not have raised numerals and you have to write everyting down manually. That is what motivated me to go to a swipe device.


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